Tuesday, April 21, 2015

City of Curses: Two Drugs in Crux

Here are two addictive substances to be found in Crux, one related to opium, while the other is a bit of a lovecraftian version of DMT...

The Burn
Aspect: Feel the Burn!
Skills: Addiction Good (+3),  Alchemical Effect Good (+3), Wealth Average (+1)

First imported from the Jade Lands three centuries ago, the Burn is a purified narcotic and analgesic.
Stronger than anything else found in the Maru Sea, Burn proved to be medicinally exceptional, especially for those without access to healing or pain-numbing magic.  But Burn is also highly addictive.

Burn's nickname comes from the sensation it causes when used recreationally.  It also refers to the body of one who has overdosed upon it.  An overdose of Burn leaves lesions all over the body.

Burn also has another property: it can deaden or quiet a lycanthrope's bestial shapeshifting.  It can't
negate it completely, but many lycanthropes find it helps them learn control.  The side effect being that they also become addicted to the substance.

Aspect: Sight for Darker Truths 
Skill: Addiction Fair (+2), Alchemical Effect Great (+4), Wealth Fair (+2)

This thick black substance is a relatively new addition to the streets in Crux.  Although only found in
the Wish Quarter at the moment, some are certain that dealers of it can be found in Poorfellows and the Blood Quarter- if you know how to ask.  Blackblood causes the eyes to become completely blackened.  To the imbiber, the effect feels miraculous.

Blackblood grants the user magical insights, access to seeing auras and other information that only sorcerous would be able to see.  For the unsorcerous, Blackblood gives them unfettered magical sight.  It also triggers visions as well.  Highly psychoactive, users of Blackblood become more and more addicted to its insights.

And for a few, they are convinced they can access higher realms of reality.  They believe themselves the chose rulers of all planes of existence.

Few are certain of where Blackblood comes from, only that it is highly addictive for the unsorcerous.   Among spellcasters, they have some resistance to it.  Even then, there are still insights granted through the Blackblood their own sorcery never provide.