Monday, March 30, 2015

The Center Cannot Hold: The Sabizi (Fate Core)

The Greenfolk: Sabizi

The human tribe known as the Greenfolk, or Sabizi claim to have no true homeland.  At the center of
their culture is family and the Dance.  They once had lived what they call the Greenlands, but those lands were lost according to Sabizi songs long before the Ursyklons came to conquer Orphos.

The Sabizi's Greenlands were close to the Jade Lands, where the Tengu nations rule.  The Sabizi Aliphair ancient historian recorded dozens of songs on the loss of the Greenlands.  According to the songs, the Sabizi had been brought to this world as slaves a hundred thousand years ago.  The Nagaorochi settled verdant, tropical lands.  The Sabizi were chattel and livestock for the Nagaorochi.

The Sabizi were forbidden from writing.  They developed a complex language through dance, something the Naga saw as entertainments between the dark rituals they performed.  Over time, the Sabizi and their secret dance became the basis of the language Sabi, which remains one of the most unique among the nine human tribes.

The Nagaorochi would overreach however.  In their long war with the Tengu, the Naga grew more and more desperate.  They prepared to call forth their dark goddess, the being between the spheres that had promised them Orphos long before the Ursyklon had come to claim it.  Naf'yiggra, they called, intending to slay the Jade Emperor and his armies that had routed them.

Instead, the Greenlands sank beneath the sea.  Those few Sabizi who escaped the sinking of the greenlands mourned the loss of their home, and celebrated the fall of their ancient masters.

To the Sabizi, all Sabizi are family.  All are brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, fathers and mothers.  In the aftermath they roamed the world, coming to form their wandering caravans.  The Jade Lands never permitted them to enter.  Their wanderlust kept them from remaining still or becoming part of one of the many ancient cities or empires humans had established before the coming of the Ursyklon.  Even after the Ursyklon came, the Sabizi were permitted, even encouraged by the Ursyklon to travel.  Their complicated dances, long songs and exotic entertainments seemed to nonthreatening to them.

The Sabizi continue to travel via caravan, although many do settle places throughout the Maru Sea.  In Othebea, a Sabizi became the first to rule that nation by Othebes's command.  In Ith, Sabizi can be seen plying their wares, always able to provide divination and other arcane sorceries their people excel at.  Although welcome sometimes as travelers, others do mistrust them.  Tales of Sabizi highwaypersons haunt many inns.  Others claim some of the most cruel pirates and thieves of the Maru sea to be of Sabizi descent, even boldly claiming the Patrizo to be of Sabizi origin (although there is no merit to that claim).

Sabizi Naming Conventions

Male sabizi have the last name of Sardhu, while female sabizi have the last name of Ama'Ka.  Those sabizi who identify with neither gender use the last name of Taan.
Naming order for Sabizi is usually First Name, Caravan Name, and Last Name.  Caravan names often change in the lifetime of a Sabizi; if they are not traveling, they will instead adopt the name of the city or place they live in for their caravan instead.  Caravan names tend to vary greatly; sometimes they are a color (Red, for the Red Caravan) or are named after who claims to own the caravan (Saban, for Saban's Caravan).

Sabizi Male Names: Kamlo, Tanior, Ferza, Durrig, Manfri, Orchilu, Motshan, Stochelo, Saban, Tomabi
Sabizi Female Names: Aliphair, Asena, Dika, Yorani, Jorenia, Flonica, Durrig, Majaris, Okan, Syeira

Examples: Yorani Cruxi Ama'Ka, Durrig Cruxi Sardhu, Ferza Red Sardhu, Dika Saban Taan

Sabizi Stunts (for use with Fate Core)

Sabi Dancer: You must know Sabi to learn this stunt.  You know the secret language of the Sabizi, and communicate via dance.  Without any words, you can communicate to anyone else who knows the Dance.  To others, it appears to be nothing more than a beautiful dance.

Caravan Singer: You can learn a song after listening to it at least once, instantly adding it to your repertoire.

Traveler's Purse: You have no problem paying for food or coming up with quick coin when you enter a new town.  So long as you are just traveling through a town, you can use Burglary instead of Wealth for paying for things.