Thursday, March 12, 2015

City of Curses: The Provost-Oculi (Fate Core)

Associated Icon: The Chancellor
Aspect(s): Eye of the Chancellor; An Eye For Talent; "Ever Consider Getting An Education, Kid?"

Agents of the Chancellor, the University and the Esoterium Machina, Provost-Oculi recruit, observe and test potential admissions to the Esoterium Machina.  Sometimes they admit them into the University of Crux, others they arrange specific tutelage within specific fields.  They also look out for the Esoterium's interests, keeping an eye out for potential new sources of research or intrigue.

The Provost-Oculi predate the current university, having established themselves during the Othebean Crusades as a secret order helping to protect knowledge from destruction by the Church.  When Esoterium Machina founded the current iteration of the University, the Provost-Oculi became known for finding potential students.  Diviners, Rogues and anyone with an eye for talent.

All Provost-Oculi are gifted with an Robe of Eyes, and a golden gear representing their standing within the Esoterium Machina.  Their signature robes and open allegiance to the University draws interest, intrigue and trouble to them.  Most Provost-Oculi perform wonders in the name of the University, demonstrating the knowledge to be found there.  Those they find of interest, they do their best to convince to journey to the Skullmount.

The Provost-Oculi are also the eyes and hands of the Chancellor.  They conduct exclusive University business.  Sometimes they carry objects of dark import for research or act as the Chancellor's proxy for particular matters.

In recent years there has been a bit of a schism within the Provost-Oculi's numbers.  The Sundered Star and its cult have members within the Provost-Oculi, influencing them to further their dark cause of bringing forth things from the void.  Other Provost-Oculi disagree with the antediluvian pursuits of their compatriots.  To them, knowledge has limits.  Admitting that is dangerous for their careers, as many within the Esoterium Machina would call that cowardice.

Magic Item Extra: Robe of Eyes
Function Aspect: "I Saw That!"
Trouble Aspects: Expensive Item; Easily Blinded

This robe is covered in magical eye patterns.  These eyes aid the wearer when worn, extending their sight.

Robe of Eyes Stunts
See Everything: The Wearer can see in the dark all around them.  They also can see any Invisible creatures or objects in the same zone as them.
Eyes, Eyes, Eyes!: The Wearer can add 2 shifts to a successful Investigate roll when trying to Overcome any hidden Obstacles.