Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Center Cannot Hold: The Karasu Tengu [Fate Core]

The Karasu Tengu

The Unclean Tengu are perhaps the most important part of their society.  To most tengu, the Karasu are less than people.  They deal with the dead.  They have long been shunned by other Tengu.  Karasu execute people, butcher dead animals and embalm the dead.  To the Tengu, they are unclean.  Karasu.

In Crux, the Karasu have become the easiest to adapt or assimilate into its culture.  Despite being shunned by other Tengu, they often convert to join the Church of the Twins.  Conversely, the most dangerous Ninja among the Tengu are Karasu.

Karasu are treated as non-persons among the Tengu.  Other castes never speak to them, nor do they touch them.  They have their own section in the Aerie-Towns, the Karasu Ghetto.  If they leave their Ghetto, often it attracts only trouble from other Tengu.

Complicating matters is that no gaijin knows about this.  Karasu Tengu are more likely to talk with gaijin.  Clerics of the Summer Rose often speak with them when providing alms for the poor, mistaking the mistreated Karasu for just being Tengu beggars, not shunned members of their society.

Potential Aspect: Unclean and Untouchable
Stunt: I Know The Dead: If given at least a minute to examine, touch and look over a dead body, you can determine its cause of death.  This doesn't tell you anything about WHO did it, just what killed the subject.