Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Center Cannot Hold: The Fomori

Once, long ago, there was a world green with life.  The Ursyklon came to that world and learned its ways.  They learned its songs, the verses and ways its life and animals and beasts acted.  They became one with it.

They took it from another race, killing each one to the last.  They were hulking creatures, whose plight had been the stubbornness to refuse to kneel to the tiny feral ursyklon.  Giants, covered in fur, their brows were horned, not unlike a goat's horns.  Theirs was a feral song as well, but they knew no classes, not even of Warriors or Adepts.

They called themselves the Fomori.

Their last kings and queens put up a desperate defense.  But ultimately their world was lost.  The Fomori took up one last act.  A rite through which they would deny the Ursyklon their world.  They would be free, and the their conquerors would pay.  The Fomori summoned others from the void, the shattered stars between the spheres.

"Give us strength.  Give us power.  Give us vengeance."  The Fomori begged.  They offered the only thing they had left.

The Aboleth came to help the Fomori.  They took the lush green world- they swallowed its sun.  Darkness and winter came to the world.  The Aboleth rained down oil and cascades of ichor foul to the animals and the forests.  Ursyklons died from the pollution, and the Fomori became creatures addicted to black ichor, the blood of their world.

The Fomori bent to the Aboleth, and the Urskylon lost that world.  But the Fomori lost their world too.  To beat the Ursyklon they had turned it into a thing nothing could want or have.

"We will give you new worlds, Fomori."  The Aboleth told them.  "We will give you stars, and chances to win back the worlds the Ursyklon deny you."

The Fomori didn't care.  They had been changed into something new.  Wormy creatures without a solid form.  They had mutated and changed.  They had gone mad.  They would shit, fuck and despoil anything, if only to feast once more on the defeat of the Ursyklon...

Race Aspect: Horned Formless and Wormy
Trouble Aspect: "This is MY LAND."

Fomori Stunts:
Shapeshifter: Fomori can enter the pores of another and wear them as a skin.  If they can kill someone this way, their wormy flesh can wear the victim as if it were their own.  The Fomori can change their Race Aspect to one of their victim's aspects, but it costs 1 fate point each time to switch to a new aspect.

Ravenous Strength: Fomori gain a +2 on Forceful attacks to bite a victim, especially if they get a taste of their victim in the process.

Stubborn Madness: Fomori minds are strong against mental intrusion and attack, their stubbornness shields them.  The Fomori gains a +2 bonus on Will rolls to defend against mental intrusions or attacks.