Tuesday, February 24, 2015

City of Curses: Local Map of Crux

Major Landmarks and Local Geography around Crux

The Cross River: The Cross flows northward into the Maru Sea from its source deep in the southern reaches of Ith.  The Cross is one of the major life veins of Ith, linking the interior to the trade hub of Crux.  It forms the Cross basin to the east of Mount Eidda, winding until it exits at Crux's eastern quarters.  The waters of the Cross are ever-murky, a constant source of disease as many towns (including Crux) run their sewage into it.

The Lock River: The Lock is a much smaller river than the Cross, but its winding course around Mount Eidda has long been of benefit to irrigation south of Crux itself.  The Lock's source is Lock Springs, near the Barrow Hills.  The Lock also flows to a number of ancient sites, like the ruins of the town Eidass at Eidda's southern face.

The Smoke River: The Smoke flows to Crux from its source, the noble and tall mountain known as the Solemn Crown.  Along its flow can be found the Boilfalls, a number of critical mining sites and the rocky hills of Cape Redsear.  The water of the Smoke is always somewhat yellow, carrying a bit of sulfur with it.

Westroad: This exits Crux and goes in a southwestern direction into the Storm Coast.  A treacherous road, the Westroad has many breaks and pitfalls as it crosses through swampland and other precarious terrain.  It also connects to the nearby city of Blackcliff, where the Ithic navy is stationed.

Ithroad: The Ithroad is one of the oldest roads along the Maru Sea.  It connects Crux with the cities of Ithspan and Athrid to the east.  Along the Ithroad are many of the oldest communities in Ith, as well as some of its most wellknown landmarks.  The Ithroad proved critical to Othebea during their Crusades to conquer Ith, only being stopped when they reached its end, Crux.

Salish Road: This northerly road connects Crux with the small town of Lastport, before venturing into Salira itself.  Critical to the salt trade long ago, the Salish road has always been of stragetic importance to Ith, as it is the main route between it and the majority of Ainesia.

Boilroad: The Boilroad is the newest of the roads that end at Crux.  Connecting Crux to the relatively new city of Boilport to the North, the Boilroad travels up the coast west of the Burning Mountains, a region of dense rain-forests and volcanic wastes.  Some travel the Boilroad for its intriguing curiosities, from its unique flora to geysers and hotsprings created by the volcanic activity of the Burning Mountains.

Verzara's Island: The Red Dragon Verzara created this island, literally becoming one with magma pocket to lead to its formation prior to the Othebean Crusades.  Her children inherited the island, some still returning to its estates from their work in other parts of Ith.  Now it serves mainly as a vacation attraction for the wealthy and affluent of Ith.

Patrizo Estates: West of Crux along the bottom of the ocean floor are the Patrizo Estates.  In the blackness of the ocean floor Patrizo vampires hold their own sort of wicked court, using their water magic and dhampir children to live opulent lives far away from the greater authorities of Ith.  Most Patrizo elders live in Crux, but choose to retire and vacation in the estates, often seeing them as "their private kingdom."

Cecaeli Shoals: These shallow waters east of Crux are home to various Cecaelia Cities, members of the Republic Ith, albeit in a different fashion.  The shoals are home to a variety of different Cecaelia, although many leave the shoals for Crux or other waters.  With more and more pollution flowing into their homes from the mainland, some in the Shoals grow more and more desperate.

Burning Mountains: Volcanic, tall and crimson, the Burning Mountains look as though they are on fire to those who see them in the distance.  Among them is the Solemn Crown, one of the most famous mountains in Ith.  The Burning Mountains are not just fire; mainly are covered in glaciers that feed the Smoke river.  Eruptions among the Burning Mountains are a constant fear.  The Esoterium Machina in Crux studies them, some to predict them, while others look for ways to gain arcane power through such eruptions.

Cape Redsear: Named for the bright red basalt boulders found throughout it, Cape Redsear is one of the least populous regions of Ith.  Between isolated mining towns and some trading ports, the ground has always been too rocky and thin to support any serious farming, hindering attempts for populations to grow.

The Tomasi Plateau: The Tomasi Plateau begins near Spidertown across most of the western interior of Ith.  The plateau is littered with the ruins of the Tomasi empire.  From these hills did the Tomasi empire emerge, including its first capital and cities, most of which were later abandoned when the Empress managed to convince the Prince of Crux to let that city be their capital.  Feral eidolons and other remnants of the empire are to be found throughout the Plateau, once the main staging ground for the summoner-legionnaires of the Tomasi Legions.

Storm Swamps: At the northern edge of the Storm Coast, the Storm Swamps are a vast estuary full of various things.  In ancient days, they were home to black dragons and cults that worshipped them.  The black dragons died out, and the cults turned to other beings for their power.  The Ursyklon that dwell in the Swamps claim that the Aboleth never left it, insistent that they continue the war most other Ursyklon claim ended long ago.  There is talk of black weretiger Priestess, who commands a temple-city full of eldritch horrors, who took back the swamp after Othebean Crusaders failed to destroy the temple.

Blackcliff: The last town before one rides the Westroad into the Storm Swamps.  Blackcliff is named after the vast obsidian cliffs it sits upon.  Blackcliff is home the Ithic Navy's dry-dock, where many ships for the Navy are constructed and sent out.

Harun: A small village on the Cross River.  Very small, Harun is at the epicenter of many farms that help feed Crux.  They are proud of their tomatoes, they even hold a yearly festival for them.

Roost Town: A tiny fishing town on Verzara's Island.  Descendants of humans first brought to the island by the red dragon Verzara, Roost Town is a popular vacation spot for wealthy Cruxites.  The town caters to tourists, although many have dragon's blood and do their best to hide it.  Roost Town is a resort town, most of whom are used to visitors from Crux itself.

Spidertown: Founded by a wizard with a fetish for Spiders, along the Ithroad and southern Maru Sea coast.  One third of the town sits on a ancient temple, covered in spider statues and more spider-themed decor.  The Spider Temple has long been home to one arcane cult or another, frequently requiring some sort of government interference to prevent the summoning of any sort of eldritch spider-god.  Also, the town herds cat-sized spiders, slaughtering them and shipping the meat up river to Crux.

Lastport: A tiny trade village on the Salish Road, northeast of Crux.  Lastport is mostly salt mines.  It is also one of the last communities in Ith before one crosses over the border into Ainesia to the north.