Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014 Rambling Blog: GO!

Time to ramble.  I haven't done this in awhile.  Time to ramble a bit.

That is what blogging is for right?

I feel like I haven't kept up on my graphic novel reading* like I'd prefer.  Fables had been my go to fix, and catching up on Hellboy had been a thing.  But some other things fell out of my attention.

I need to read more comics.  I recently got a hold of Rat Queens and Hawkeye, and I feel embarassed for not having read them any sooner.  Fek, I regret not starting Saga any sooner.

And comics is a medium I love.  Its up there with IDK, books and whatever.  My novel reading also feels like it has faltered a bit too.  I suspect my penny-pinching has affected this the most.

I want to read more.  Other things pop in.  Distract me.

So I wonder, do I really want to read, or what?


2014 still had been reading what I guess had been a huge load of books.  I actually checked; between RPGs, comics, webcomics, novels, novellas, short stories and other myriad loads of fiction/nonfiction, I consumed more than I remember consuming.


Yet I think I hadn't.

So, perception bias I guess.  Or maybe I need to do more Reading Materials.  Reviewing my reads might get me to actually remember the context of when I read them.

That said, been going through the World of Fire & Ice.  As a setting book (and totally not a RPG supplement) its great.  I've been loving it.

Same is true of Saga, which I got the first volume of.  Seems like another series for me to dive into.

For Xmas I did receive a copy of Mindjammer.

Now Mindjammer?  This I had been wanting.  Wanting hard enough that I kept myself away from the kickstarter on purpose.  I didn't have the money to spend on it.  Mindjammer is the kind of future sci-fi setting I want to play in.

Affecting the roles of gender as a core part of understanding the future?  Check.  Technology is the root cause of evil?  Check.  Interesting pieces of setting you can drop or use at will?  Double-check, simulacrums!

Top of my list of things to try and dive through I think.

Alright.  End of ramble.  Adios!

*Read: "COMICS"