Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Center Cannot Hold: The Ursyklon And Their Dead

The Ursyklon And Their Dead
For the Ursyklon, death means a great deal of change.  But most important, it means a return to the wilds that spawned them.  When Ursyklons have died from an accident, or old age, their bodies are butchered and feed to a local pack of wolves.  That way they can return their bodies back to the Wolf Mother.

Diseased or those Ursyklon unable to have their bodies returned via the process of the feeding the wolves are composted, and often Ursyklon mourn the loss of such fellows.  A part of them has been lost, separated from the Great Cycle, lost to never be recovered.

To Ursyklons, death follows birth, often with a Urzahadi or other mystic figure serving as a midwife of sorts.  If death is long in coming, these priests bring knives with which they will slay the pained individual.  Ursyklons do not know nor do they care what happens to their spirits when they die.  Some Ursyklon claim they are reborn, but only into lesser animals.

Besides that, they regard focusing on the whys or hows of death to be counter to their philosophy as a people.  Life must be lived, and death must only be for the dead.  To spend too much time with death can be seen as little more than corrupting the proper place of things in the world.