Saturday, October 4, 2014

Transhuman: A Microscope Game

A friend and I (+James Hampton) did a bit of a microscope game.  We didn't finish it, but it got enough steam to make me happy with the results of the work.  Hence the need to blog a entry about it.

Microscope as a story game is perhaps one of my favorite story games.  Worldbuilding with friends always leads to interesting direction.  James is like me, albeit capable of longer words than me.  Then again, our relationship has always been based on a "Josh is the Art Major, James is the Math Major" kind of dichotomy.  So, when I started it up, we ended up in Transhuman turf.

I think it was interesting because James and I have different goals in mind when looking as Transhuman fiction.  His is a focus on the humanity part- I think he likes the idea of humans struggling to keep their humanity against the backdrop of others who think they are doing good while changing themselves to match some ideal of human transhuman progress.  Humans that become exemplars of humanity, not humans that sacrifice for the sake of advance.

I lean on the other side- I find myself more and more interested in stories that explore transhuman as human speciation.  I dislike the idea of humans and machines entering conflict, and I like more and more the idea of a human state created in which machines control while humans remove their own failing through submission to technology.

Its a pairing that can lead to interesting stories in the context of a transhuman game.  And in our Microscope game, we did fairly well.

Here is a link to the game we had in Googledocs.

Despite some talk on a variety of influences and things to explore, we went into soldiers in most of exploration.  While I created and explored a mutiny, James took us back to look at the root of how such augmentations began in the military.  We stopped there, but hey, we could come back it.


Ok, I also started a Crux Fate game too.  I'll post something on that as well, but I felt energized enough by that last session of microscope I wanted to share it right away.  Twas most sweet.

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