Friday, October 31, 2014

Thinking of NaNoWriMo

I decided I want to try Nanowrimo this year.  I've tried to get back to older ideas for stories, but none of them really survived the journey.  I've written a novel before.  So I know I can do it.  I just don't want to do what I did for that first novel, which was a haphazard bit of guess work chapter by chapter.

In this case, I've found my worldbuilding for Crux, Noah and other setting have pointed out my strong suit: worlds.  If I can build up a world, I can write a story set in it.  So, I need a central concept for it to hinge on, a setting to build around and a good deal of cheating on my part.

When I start Nanowrimo, if I miss the goal mark by the Nov 30th, I'm not going to stop.  Like Crux, this'll take over the blog for the immediate future.  Or maybe not.  I might try to revisit Crux from now and then.  Crux has grown to a big file too: last I checked, it was around 40K worth of a setting.

My move from Pathfinder to Fate Core made me realize that I should try to focus on making Crux system-neutral I suppose.  A friend or two has suggested I try kickstarting or doing something like that for Crux.  I'll be honest, I'd love to commission some sweet art for it.  And editing for it would be neat.

Right now, I'm running some players through Crux, so I think it'll evolve through actual trial and error: players might trigger or help me generate more ideas for Crux.  Ideas like the Medicos, a group tied to the Voice that I didn't dream up when I first messed around with it.

My Nano Novel
I want to do some ground work for it, but the idea is to repurpose a prior setting of mine and reimagine it.  I have dozens of these lying around.  Only with Noah: The Kaiju-Song and forward have I had bravery to post parts of these setting whole hog, rough drafts by themselves.

The story I want to tell is one where technology isn't responsible for a dystopia.  A future scifi story where science and technology free humanity, not drive the plot as a antagonists.  Where humans have started to speciate- you know, becoming more diverse kinds of human.  To start the slow drift toward creating new species.

I think that's the kind of story that needs to be told with SciFi these days.  Something where the path looks brighter, but while still being a interesting story at the same time.