Monday, October 27, 2014

The Keepers: Game Session 3

We finished the characters.  It took us three sessions (each being three hour sessions, which is why I think it took so long).  But now I've got characters.  So here are The Keepers:

Aislinn 'Ash' Caoimhe Srady Wiseowl: a Ursyklon "Archaeology Major."  With a affinity for some rodents, Ash is a Thief- but more of the Archaelogical kind.  She tends to work in the Archaeology department, frequently taking on "Expeditions" into the Skullmount's Catacombs for interesting relics.  Prior to meeting the rest of the Keepers, Ash had run into trouble with a relic she'd found under Crux.  When the criminals assaulted her, she stumbled into Pyro.  Gav's own gang had been involved with trying to get the relic- he called it off.

Ishida Hana Gold-Sun: Assigned to deep cover at the University, this Tengu Ninja has more or less stumbled into association with the Keepers.  This deep cover has caused some of his own Clan to think of him as having "Gone Crow."  Ishida stole a piece from a machine at the university- it had been found in the catacombs.  Of course, the place then exploded into fire- a fire caused by the Android Pyro.  Gav himself showed up, helping contain part of the machine, keeping it from exploding further.  Ishida later that night would try to deliver the piece of the relic he'd taken; while on transit, the relic somehow spawned monsters.  These monsters attacked Palace Hill, during a concert starring Gav.  Gav and the rest of the Keepers don't know about this; Ishida is more than happy to not share it- it would interfere with his mission.

Gav Windwaker Zarak Marko: A Genius and Magus Prodigy, Gav is a poor boy from Poorfellows, unaware he is a Aethamir.  Gav used to be part of a street gang in the slums of Poorfellows.  The Voice has opened doors for him, allowing him to attend Crux University.  His first major performance at Palace Hill was cut short when it was assaulted by monsters.  Gav was forced to fend off the monsters, being aided by the efforts of Ishida and Ash.

"Pyro" or Pyrotechnician, unit# 3235: An Android, Pyro is the property of the Crux University Alchemy department.  He operates as their Gunpowder technician- although Pyro has a fascination for using it all sorts of applications.  Not long after Ash run into conflict with criminals outside the university, Pyro at the same time became hopelessly lost in the city.  He ran into her, recognized her from the University and tried to ask for help.  Instead, he became more lost, until he ran into a flesh merchant in the Grand Bazaar who tried to resell him.  Ishida interfered, having the Prophet of Winds pay off the merchant- letting Pyro go free, albeit leaving Pyro indebted to Ishida.

I also have a collection of NPCs now too.  My players tolerated a bit of NPC generation, but now I've got a enough to really dream up plots.  I have a direction to go too- the first story also has an aspect: The Wolves At the University.

"The machine the university recently uncovered has gotten the attention of the Ursyklon.  The Archdruid herself plans to visit the Chancellor and the University.  The Archdruid wants to ascertain if this Machine is of Aboleth design- and to decide if she needs to intervene."