Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Center Cannot Hold: The Diva (Pathfinder Paladin Archetype)

The Diva: A Paladin Order

The Divas are the holy paladins of the Singer of the Song, devoted to spreading goodworks through the act of entertainment.  All Divas blend aspects of Bards and Paladins, using music and performance to inspire others to become better than they are.  All Divas always dress and appear as beautiful women.  The favored icon of the Divas is the Voice, whom many in the order regard as their leader.

Pathfinder Paladin Archetype: The Diva

Beautiful Women: Divas do not have a lawful alignment requirement.  Instead, all Divas need to have dress and act as beautiful women- a tradition that doesn't care what your actual birth gender is.  As the Divas have both male as well as female members, they don't care about the sexual orientation of their members.  The nature of the actual archetype requires the appearance of a fair woman to unlock its abilities.  If the paladin isn't in the proper appearance, they lose their class features until that is rectified.
Detect Evil: Divas lose this class feature altogether.
Singular Beauty: Divas can add their Charisma modifier to their Fortitude and Reflex saving throws.  In addition, Divas can add half their character level to Perform checks.
Replaces Divine Grace.
Holy Performance: Divas gain the Bardic Performance ability of a Bard.  They never gain the bardic music abilities of Countersong or Distraction, however.  Instead, they add Disappearing Act and Healing Performance to the list of Bardic Performance they can use.
Replaces Lay on Hands and Mercy.
Bardic Magic: A Diva adds the following spells to the list of spells they can cast: 1st-Charm Person, Chord of Shards, Detect Evil; 2nd-Distracting Cacophony, Glitterdust, Silence, Suggestion 3rd-Clairaudience/Clairvoyance, Good Hope, Exquisite Accompaniment, Haste, Reviving Finale, Thunderous Drums, Discordant Blast; 4th-Archon's Trumpet, Greater Bladed Dash, Greater Shout, Hymn of Peace, Joyful Rapture, Mass Suggestion, Stunning Finale

Diva Rumors
The Fallen Singer: Some claim that a the most recent killer stalking the streets of Poorfellows is a Diva, singing her victims to their death.  The Divas find themselves facing public hostility as more and more victims are found dead, blood from their ears.  They look for someone or anyone who can find and prove that their order isn't tied to the brutal murders.
The Protest: Divas are helping the Voice to organize a protest for the Unsorcerous on Palace Hill.  But efforts are being made behind the scenes to twist and pervert the protest.  The characters find themselves turned unwittingly into helping turn the peaceful protest into a full blown riot- can they overcome the Fervor and stop the riot?