Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Center Cannot Hold: Stunts for Crux 1

Stunts For Crux
So I'm going to go on a Stunt making binge while waiting to finish up Crux.

Rage: Once per session you can choose to fly into a Rage.
 Rage only lasts for a scene, and during that scene you gain the Raging situation aspect.  In addition, you can't be impeded by physical obstacles- you barrel through them, ripping open holes, sundering walls, knocking over foes and continuing on as though you were a battering ram.  However, during a rage, you can't do anything intelligent, wise or social.  Others run away screaming in fear from you, and you are easily best by anyone using any complex tactics against you.
Bloodrage: Functions like Rage, except that you can cast spells while in a Bloodrage.  This functions lets you spend physical stress to cast spells (much like any other spellcasting stunt can).  When you select this stunt, you should select two flavors of spellcasting, one of which is Blood.  The other flavor can be anything, but most likely is tied to a bloodline of sorts (such as Draconic, Fey or Elemental).  Sorcery remains your main skill for casting spell effects.

Wildshape:  You can spend a fate point and turn into any of the following four forms.  While in a animal form, you cannot speak or cast spells.  Animal forms give you additional aspects.  In addition, each form has a "always on" ability as well.

  • Falcon: You gain the aspects Bird of Prey and Tiny.  You can fly as movement, and can move between zones through this flight faster if those zones all touch open air.
  • Bear: You gain the aspects ITS A BEAR! and Large.  You can use Physique to defend against physical attacks, gaining a +2 bonus on rolls to resist taking physical stress.
  • Wolf: You gain the aspects Pack Tactics and Canine.  You have a excellent sense of smell.  If given enough time to examine someone's scent, you can learn at least one thing about them based on their smell, much like others might learn from listening or watching them.
  • Mouse: You gain the aspects Tiny and Rodentia.  You can escape notice immediately and can escape quickly in this form.

Animal Companion: You have a partner, an animal that aids you and your efforts.  Your Animal Companion has a Name, Concept Aspect and Trouble Aspect.  They get to have one Fair (+2) skill, and two Average (+1) skills.  This animal companion has three physical stress boxes and one mental stress box.  You can spend fate refresh to give them stunts.  Whenever you reach a milestone that lets you increase your fate refresh, you can spend it again to add stunts to your animal companion.
Of course, this companion might advance during milestones on its accord.