Monday, September 8, 2014

The Center Cannot Hold: Classes 6: Magus, Ninja and Oracle

More classes in Crux.  Each of these classes come with two traits!  That's right!  A brief crunchy taste of what each class has going on in the ol' City of Curses.  Read and enjoy!

Magus: The Tomasi Empire ruled the Maru Sea region for centuries.  Core to their success was the Kithlane of Crux, a member of the Esoterium Machina that first blended multiple disciplines to create the class.  Kithlane died at the beginning of the Tomasi Empire- slain when she refused to be recruited by the Tomasi Empire's legions.
Tomasi tradition of the Magus, whose legions used their blend of sorcery and swordplay to conquer.

Most Magi are trained in the University of Crux, often obtaining degrees and majors in various arcane arts there.  In Crux at large, the work of a Magus can be seen a in variety of places.  They provide protection for the Esoterium Machina or work for the Crux Metropolitan Police.  Tengu Magi protect their Aerie-Town homes, using unique Tengu innovations on the class- often serving the whims of the Prophet of Winds.  Ursyklons openly dislike the Magi class, seeing it as being innately uncouth and dangerous- more than one Ursyklon has observed how Magi often seem to come to serve dark cults like the Sundered Star or the Aboleth.

New Trait: Magus Studies Major: Having studied the Magus class at the University of Crux, you learned to apply your arcane pool to expand the knowledge and information you can bring to bear.  As long as you have an arcane point left, whenever you make a Knowledge (arcana) or Spellcraft check you roll twice and take the better roll.

New Trait: Esoterium Magus: Your work with the Esoterium and exposure to the darker entities has unlocked potential in you.  You add 1 arcane point to your maximum points in your Arcane pool.  In addition, when you roll initiative you can spend 1 arcane point to roll twice and take the higher of the two rolls.

Ninja: Only Tengu know the secrets of the Ninja.  Unique to their culture, non-Tengu Ninja can only learn the ways of the Ninja by being accepted into one of the Tengu Clans, and earn the approval of the most revered Tengu in Crux, the Prophet of Winds.  Ninja never speak of who founded their class.  To even become a Ninja, one must discover the secret of the First Ninja.

Most Ninja serve the Prophet of Winds.  The Tengu use their ninja to provide a variety of services.  Their neutral stance in the face of the Major Powers makes them attractive to those of all sides.  They'll perform all forms of mercenary work.  Those Ninja that do not keep ties to the Prophet of Winds are seen as enemies of all Tengu, having no clans and no support.  They are treated as non-beings, sometimes even hunted or harassed for the shame that forced them to be cast out.

Some outcast Ninja strive to form their own rival Ninja clan.  This has yet to happen, as it would directly compete with the Prophet of Winds, something that could divide Crux's Tengu or perhaps change how they operate.  Most Tengu treat such ideas as laughable, or worse, a threat to their way of life.

New Trait: Servant of the Prophet of Winds: The Prophet of Winds has granted you access to the secrets of the winds, enabling you to walk as if on the winds themselves.  As long as you have a ki point left, whenever you make an Acrobatics or Stealth check, you roll twice and take the better roll.

New Trait: Outcast Ninja: You were cast out by the other Ninjas of Crux.  You've learned to survive on your own, but you are certain that one day you'll be forced into confrontation with your old clan.  You begin play with 2 extra hit points.  You can spend 1 ki point whenever you make a Reflex Saving Throw to roll twice and take the better of the two rolls.

Oracle: Powers beyond have always cursed a few sensitive individuals.  The first Oracles were the first to take advantage of this, creating divine powers from the curse that the divine had thrust upon them.  The first Oracles were of Ancient Salira, being the prophecies and wisdoms of the Ancient Saliran Gods.  Oracles, not tied to any specific faiths, spread throughout Ainesia and the Maru Sea, as people once cursed at birth found new means of power that they hadn't had before.  The Oracle of Boilport, for example, had been born blind and would come to help the Tomasi Empire conquer Ithspan with her prophecies.

Oracles tend to flock to Crux.  The City of Curses has always had spawned its own share of cursed people.  The cursed find the Oracle class always enables them to transcend their burden.  Ursyklon Oracles often dwell in the sewers communioning with rats, while Android Oracles break free of traditional Android bonds with their new powers.  Other Oracles wander the streets, more often than not providing insight into old mysteries that are a constant in the City of Curses.  Some of these work for the Publisher, becoming journalists and writers about life on the streets.

New Trait: Born Cursed: You begin play with a Oracle's curse, except that you never gain of its benefits.  You only gain its hindrance.  If you have or gain levels in Oracle, this you gain the first level benefit of the curse, but it never grows more powerful than that.  Your curse also brings some pyschic insight along with it; once per day you can cast Augury as a caster of your character level.  If ever have or gain Oracle levels, you instead add Augury to your spells known for free.

New Trait: Journalist Oracle: You use your prophetic senses to uncover the truths of Crux, writing to expose them to the public at large.  You gain a +1 trait bonus on Sense Motive.  Furthermore, whenever you make a Sense Motive check, you roll twice and take the better of the two rolls.


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