Sunday, October 19, 2014

Crux Session Report 2: Still Doing Character Generation

This wound up being only part 2 of character generation.  Considering that I'm teaching both system and setting as I go, I'm not surprised at how slow its been going.  Patience, however, I'm sure will be rewarded.

For instance, I don't have names yet.  After hearing people's character concepts and other barebones on what they want to do with their characters, I'm certain the name The Keepers is going to be the name of this little group.  They've decided to have subversive characters.

Here is what the Keepers are comprised of so far:

  • A Tengu Ninja pretending to have "Gone Crow" so he can do a deep infiltration of the University for the Prophet of the Winds.
  • An Alchemy Lab Android with a focus on gunpowder experimentation- he also has a fascination with blowing things up.  Mad bomber from the Muppets style I think.
  • A genius Magus with ties to the Voice- who also is a Aethamir who grew up in the Tomasi part of Poorfellows- a slum kid who got a chance to hit it big.
  • And lastly is the "Archaelogy Major."  A Ursyklon who grew up all over the place, she is at the University mainly out of a habit for looking for new chances to explore and "study."

I also decided on the principle issues for the campaign as well.  The beginning ones anyway:
Legacy Issue: Aspect: The Unknown Machine.
An ancient machine was found underneath Crux.  The Ninja stole a important piece from this machine, from above the lab that the Android lived/worked.  That Android had accidentally started fire while studying a different part of the machine, launching himself into the same space as the escaping Ninja.  The Genius Magus, of course, managed to appear long enough to stop the machine from exploding.  I love Crossing Paths.

Current Issue: Aspect: Raging Wolves.
How do the Ursyklons react to the Chancellor's actions?  What do they want to do about the mysterious machine that had been found?

Future Issue: Aspect: Ninjas on Campus.
Why are there Tengu Ninjas on the University Campus?  What are they doing?

So far I think my main plots will be intrigue centric, with different Icons motivating the characters to work together.  I need to create a common foe of some kind, I think, to really bring all four together.  But I still have a bit of character creation to wrap up with my players though.  After that, though, I the Keepers have plenty of stories in them to tell.