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Crux Build 3

Ok.  More Crux Character Creation document dumps on here.  Its my take on playing Fate Core with Crux more or less.  This should finish up the race stuff.  I have a basic magic system framework too, hopefully flexible enough to do what I want.  Enjoy!


Crux has no Elves, Orcs, Goblins or Dwarves.


The Aethamir are, in general, unaware of their parentage. They are the half-blood scions of the Aether-Blooded. Often, these unaware cursefolk never learn any more than a tiny jot about their heritage. A few do, however. These few pursue their parents, always wanting to learn more. The rest remain ignorant, and often never develop their powers beyond what most others can do.
Aspects: Scion of the Aether-BloodedIgnorant CursefolkMagic in the BloodArcane Bastard"I Can Taste Sorcery."
Aethamir can take any Human tribal or national stunt as well as these following stunts.
Spell-Tasting: You can learn what flavors of magic a caster uses by touching their skin. Those who do find ways to resist you must roll against your Aether roll, otherwise, you often can learn much from just touching them.
Aether Reservoir: You can spend a Fate point instead of taking mental stress to cast a spell.
Aether-Blooded Heritage: You can take one of the Aether-Blooded stunts, as soon as you take this one. You learn some of the secrets of your inheritance, but you aren't as efficient at it as your parent would be. Once per session you can switch this Stunt with another Aether-Blooded stunt.
Skill: Aether. Aether covers a inborn talent and insight of most magic. Aethamir can tap into it unconsciously, even though a few learn how to practice it after learning about their natures. Aether also acts a social skill for Aether-Blooded and Aethamir aware of their heritage.


Unlike Aethamir (which are hybrids with humans) Aether-Blooded must also begin play with the following stunts: Aether-Caster, Fury of the Hunger, & Spelleating. Any stunts past those will cost the Aether-Blooded fate refresh. Aether-Blooded can use the Aether skill.

Aether-Blooded are more of a monster race. They were cursed thousands of years ago after tampering with the source of all magic, the Aether. It infect their blood, making them effectively immortal: disease and old age don't affect them. Further, they have a inborn talent for consuming spells, eating them and hungering for them like Vampires hunger for blood. Some Aether-Blooded are accorded citizens in Ith, but even those with Citizenship hide their natures, aware of the paranoid fear spellcasters have of them.

Aspects: Tainted by the AetherSpelleaterImmortal CursefolkRavenous HungerHunted By Our Enemies
Aether-Caster: Aether-Blooded use Aether instead of Sorcery or Faith to cast spells. If a Aether-Blooded has the Spell-Filled Belly aspect, they gain a +2 bonus on any spells they cast Flashily or Quickly.
Fury of the Hunger: Aether-Blooded starved for magic grow restless, their bodies are hungry for any magic they sense. Aether-Blooded can always sense a spell they could consume nearby. Furthermore, if a Aether-Blooded is exposed to a spell and does not have the aspect Spell-Filled Belly, they must take on the serious consequence Spell-Hungry.
Spelleating: Aether-blooded can eat spells. If they are the target of a spell, or can touch whatever a spell is enchanting, they can eat that spell and take an aspect called Spell-Filled Belly. At any time, the Aether-Blooded can choose to lose that Aspect to remove any moderate or mild consequence on their character sheet.


Androids were created less tag twenty years ago by The Tinkerer.
Aspects: Mechanical InsightClockwork and WaxNew To EmotionsWorker Drone"I Only Look Human."
Clockwork Mind: You always know the current time, day and year as though you were looking at a watch. You also can function as a stopwatch, able to precisely track how long something has taken without the need of any device to aid you. If given information, you can also predict how long something might take to accomplish- your accuracy varies based on the information you've been given, however.
Workdrone: You have immense strength and endurance. You cannot fall asleep except through magic, nor are you fatigued by strenuous work. You still can push yourself to the point of breaking, but most often your environment, not you, suffers the consequences.
Wax Dancer: All Androids have waxen flesh enchanted to mimic human flesh. But you've learned how to manipulate & shape your wax skin to mimic others. Whenever you create a Boost for a disguise, instead you treat it as though the first invocation were free.
Skill: Android. This skill covers any knowledge about androids, usage of Android specific anatomical features, contacts between Androids and act as the managing skill for things like Wax Dancers' disguises.


Dhampr are human hybrids with Vampires. As vampires are considered citizens of Crux, Dhampr benefit from their parentage, often because their Vampire parents also are wealthy aristocrats of considerable means. Dhampr vary from those who try to earn their parent's good graces to those who rebel against their natures, hiding it from others and pretending any sorcery from their heritage is from something else.
Aspects: Blood of the DamnedAristocratic CursefolkScion of the [Select Vampire Clan]I was a Teenage Dhampr
Child of Two Worlds: You don't suffer ill effects from daylight like other Dhampr or Vampire do. You also never need to sleep. You can recover consequences through bed rest.
Bloodhound: When given even just a drop of blood to taste, you can track down the blood's owner like many might follow tracks or scent. This works only so long as the blood was taken recently and that the owner of the blood is still alive.
Undead Sense: You always can tell when any sort of undead is around, be it through some sort of skin crawling or sense of smell. You use Blood to manage this skill against any sort of Undead trying to hide from you.
Skill: Blood. Blood covers all of a Dhampr's more vampiric powers, as well as their family connections.


The most common and dominant race of Orphos and Crux, Humans have Nine Tribes that vary in diverse ways throughout the world. Here are 7 of the tribes and their languages:
The Jarn: Jarn begin play speaking Jarnish, Borish and Ferrit.
The Salaro: Salaro begin play speaking Salish, Tomish* and Othish.
The Rosac: Rosaci begin play speaking Rani, Borish, Othish and Rosic.
The Ramelin: Ramelin begin play speaking Malic, Sorami and Tomish*.
The Tomasi: Tomasi begin play speaking Tomish*, Othish and Salish.
The Soramese: Soramese begin play speaking Sorami and Malic.
The Sabizi: Sabizi begin play speaking Sabi, Rani, Tomish*, and Othish.
*Tomish is the main language of most in Crux.
Aspects: Heart of the CityHeart of the FieldHeart of the SeaUnsorcerous FolkSabizi WandererTomasi Arcanist; Ramelin Trader
Ironfolk Hunter (Jarn) The Ironfolk once were well-known for their raids against Ainesia and Othebea, able to use prodigious strength and intimidation to take what they wanted. You can carry and move any weight, so long as no one notices. If they do, you can spend 1 fate point to continue carrying that weight until the end of the scene.
Saltfolk Sailor (Salaro) The Salaro invented most human sailing techniques, and have spent centuries sailing the Maru Sea. You can never drown. Further, you always can tell the origin of someone's accent (although that alone can't always tell you where they are from).
Rosefolk Seminary (Rosac) All Rosefolk are raised on the important books of the Church of the Twins, making them literate from a young age. You know at least three languages. Furthermore, whenever you make a Knowledge roll for any sort of religious knowledge, you have a +3 bonus on the roll.
Sandfolk Trader (Ramelin) The Ramelin are excellent traders, often traveling through the world's deadliest deserts to sell their wares. You can always recall the best going rate for anything you are trying to sell. Furthermore, you gain a +1 bonus on rolls to defend against any sort of heatstroke or dehydration.
Seafolk Arcanist (Tomasi) The Tomasi have ancient magical techniques that even their nonmagical descendants learned the secrets of. You always can tell when a spell has been cast in any area, as though it had set off a sixth sense of yours.
Soramese Survivor (Soramese) Soramese tribes thrive off of hunting and being aware of their surroundings. You never go hungry, and always can find something (even if its disgusting) to fill your belly unless you are in a truly barren environment (like the deepest desert, most remote caverns or other very exotic locales).
Greenfolk Nomad (Sabizi) Traveling the world over, Greenfolk often are best known for their excellent performances, their caravans always bringing new entertainment to the lands they visit. You always know the name of a song once you hear any part of it, even if it is a badly hummed.


Skinwalkers are the third kind of Cursefolk, except that unlike the Aethamir they aren't ignorant of their origins, and unlike the Dhampr, their heritage is very much illegal in Crux and much of Northern Ith. Skinwalkers are descended from Lycanthropes, sometimes said to have been “spared” much of their parents' curse. They live in secret, often aware that most consider being a Skinwalker to be just another form of Lycanthropy.
Aspects: Illegal CursefolkWitchwolfNightskulkSeascarredThe Beast In Me
Bestial Form: Once per session, you can shift your form, becoming more animalistic. You gain one of the following three aspects: ClawsFeral Hide; or Bestial Senses. This aspect lasts until you dismiss it.
Scent: You can tell things about others by their smell. You always know what they've eaten last and who've they been intimate with once you've smelled them.
Feral Advantage: Your mastery over shifting in bestial form has allowed you to alter your body for other, subtle advantages. You can use Skinwalking in place of Athletics.

Skill: Skinwalking. This covers most knowledge about skinwalkers and their ability to shapeshift, and it can be used as a managing skill for any sorts of shapeshifting. It also can used to cover any fellow contacts in the Skinwalker community.


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