Wednesday, October 29, 2014

City of Curses: Street Doctors

"The central polemic against our city is fear, not tradition, not logic, not morality.  Fear of its past.  They call it the city of curses, out of fear, not genuine knowledge.  If anything, there are more cases of miraculous events in this city than those of curses.  There are people who care for their neighbors here.  There are healers, dreamers and those who try to take away the burden of the less off.

"They fear what this city represents.  Crux is the center of the world.  The wheel of the world spins around it.  This was the Ith was born in, and this was the city the Singer of the Song first sang her song.  This isn't a place to fear.  The vision of the future of our world can be found here.  A vision of beauty if you are willing to look for it."
--The Voice
Crux: The City of My Youth.

Medicos (The Street Doctors) 

The University of Crux boasts one of the premier medical learning institutions on the Maru Sea, training physicians and medical doctors from all over the world.  The Medicos, however, have no ties to that institution.  A collection of informal physicians, each Medico relies on training from prior medicos, and strong support from the Church of the Singer of the Song.  Medicos, or Street Doctors, heal others without asking for payment in return.  But because of their informal nature, it isn't uncommon for grifters to try and fake their craft.

To combat this, Medicos work with Divas to drive out grifters.  They've developed a system of codes, magical symbols they use that the disenfranchised can use to call them for aid.

Some Medicos rival the best doctors at Crux University.  A few use techniques that only others have seen in divine magic, bringing back the dead or beating back horrible diseases like Blackboil or Hellfever.  Street Doctors often can be seen among protesters or reformers, and often they find support from the Voice or the Publisher.

In Crux, those in dire medical trouble often look for the sign of the Medico.  They serve and don't ask questions.