Friday, October 24, 2014

City of Curses: Regions Revisit

One of the things I didn't do before was do a bit of a think on the Aspects and potential faces in Crux as a City.  This is me spending a post sketching out some ideas.  So, let me get these down as I am thinking on them.  I also want to use some kinds of Location stunts, too, but I think those will emerge as I go along anyway.

What is a Face?  A Face in this context is a NPC that also is a manifestation of the region itself.  I
like to think of them as an expression of the Aspect and ideas going in that region- they capture its tone, and sort of define what scenes there might be like.  I've decided to keep faces quick and concise, with a description.  More details might be needed, who knows. (I'm borrowing this term from Dresden Files RPG for a large degree).

The Grand Bazaar: 
Aspect: Everything Has A Price
Everything Has A Price refers in large to the nature of the size of the Grand Bazaar.  Its easy to find anything there, including illegal black markets.  And when your there, you can find yourself tempted by all kinds of deals.

A face of the Grand Bazaar: Ulhed-ut-Arino, the Flesh Merchant.  
Slavery is illegal in Crux and Ith as a whole.  However, some argue there are many ways to make a slave out of a soul without ever dealing in the slave trade.  Ulhed is one of the wealthiest Liches to be found in Crux.  Ulhed steals and trades in Androids- often he purchases kidnapped Androids.  He also deals in other illicit goods- magic items that create thralls, for example.  The Maliphi Lich sells the item, never a "person."  This blurry line and the corrupt city watch let him run a brisk business.

Ulhed is a obese corpse of a Lich, often perfumed.  His shop is really a massive open air tent.  His robes a purple with a gold trim.  He has placed two diamonds in his eye sockets.  There is always a clinking from all his piercings.  He eschews the use of any sort of staff or wand.  The only magic to be spotted on him are his many rings.  Ulhed also is always carried by his own gold-chained Androids, whose wax faces have malformed from misuse.

The University of Crux:
Aspect: Knowledge Is Power
Knowledge Is Power refers to the drive of most of those at the university to seek out knowledge.  Their pursuit of knowledge, sometimes a manic drive.  Sometimes this ends well, other times... other times, the pursuit of knowledge here doesn't end well.  This can be invoked for knowledge, but it can be compelled for the dangers some knowledge can bring.

Face of the University: Doctor Lyam Kyringer.
Lyam Kyringer is one of most brilliant physicians in the world, blending oracular insights with medical knowledge to execute new wonders.  He also is Othebean, and hates every inch of Crux.  The city frightens him, yet he works at the University, lecturing many classes on Medicine, Prophecy and other divine insights.  Dr. Kyringer keeps strong ties to his faith in the Church of the Twins, but still researches for new discoveries in medicine.

Dr. Kyringer is Rosac man in his early thirties.  His eyes are a dark red, while behind a pair of wire-framed spectacles.  A skinny man, the doctor wears brown suits, often in earth tones reminiscent of his home of Othebea.  He keeps a tiny golden eagle pinned into his surcoat.  The Doctor is cursed by spirits, who often haunt objects around him- as part of the price of his oracular insights.  Often his fingers are stained with ink.  He cringes at most things about Crux, often cursing the city under his breath.

The Wish Quarter:
Aspect: The Fiendblooded Ghetto
The Fiendblooded Ghetto refers to majority of people in the Ghetto, Tieflings.  It is their place in the city, a place most others avoid outside of the Wish Festival.  It is easy to find Tieflings here- the Church of Shraxes is dominant.  This also can bring out the worse kind of trouble too: the Wish Quarter is the main turf of the Demon's Orphans and the Archwitch too.

A face of the Wish Quarter: Little Annie.
A waif of a girl, Annie is a one-horned tiefling that looks more like a child than a woman.  She is also blind, but makes for that with a bit of fiendish magic.  Little Annie often wears rags and acts the part of a child.  She has almost psychotic faith in Shraxes.  She refers to her as "Mum."

Annie is one of the elite killers of the Demon's Orphans, often sent out to do crazy jobs other members would refuse.  Her tricks and bit of magic let her deceive her foes.  Little Annie plays the lost little girl, asking help from her own target, to find her "Mum."  Then she ambushes them, often slicing them someone aware from attention.