Saturday, October 18, 2014

City of Curses: Naming

I haven't gotten to this in most cases for Crux, but now it seems apt that I write down at least a little on the nature of names in the setting.

Human Names
Most names in Maru Sea culture follow the traditional western name pattern of First Name, Middle Name, Last Name.
Example Human Names: Tomasi
For the Tomasi, middle names rarely are of importance, and the ancient Tomasi placed importance on a second surname, a cognomen to help distinguish between members of larger families.

In Crux, the Tomasi are the most common ethnicity of human to be found: here is a quick list of names and such that Tomasi Human might have.  Each of these lists are ten on purpose.  Use a d10 rolled on each to create a random full name for a Tomasi character, if you so wish.

First Name (Male): Gavin, Teorgio, Adolgo, Aldo, Kristofor, Damian, Nichel, Odesto, Santo, Walpero
First Name (Female): Gava, Kara, Adele, Adla, Dafni, Erminia, Hicaela, Mirabella, Saveria, Viola
Middle Names: Often a given name from a favored relative.  The Tomasi aren't afraid to also given sea-based names as middlenames as well: Stormchild, Seaborn, Windtalker, Windwaker, Tidesong, Brinehand, Saltblood, Fishchild, Shipsaint, Seatalker.
Cognomen: Cognomen often are a form of nickname; listed here are names of various Cognomen to be found in Crux itself.  Adjutor, Brugus, Krassus, Dunio, Rallus, Honoratus, Isatis, Marko, Montanus, Tyranus
Surnames: Aurelia, Brutt, Caelia, Falvia, Gabin, Junia, Oppi, Porcia, Quintus, Zarak.

Android Names
Android naming structures are very bare bones compared to Tomasi tradition.  Unless raised by humans as though they were human (which one or two are raised as, in a few cases), most Androids have only one name.  Cruel or overly logical owners will name their Androids after their serial numbers, the four digits assigned to each Android as they are created (8511, 1768, 3456, etc).  Others will name their Androids based on Function (Soldier, Labdrone, Porter, etc).  A few Androids will be allowed to create their own names, often a strange mix of personal tastes.

Here is a list of potential Android names.  Roll 1d10 if you are interested in a random name.

Android Names: Distiller, Packdrone, Porter, Grinder, Fusemaker, Computer, Coldhands, Gravedigger, Stitcher, Boomer
If you want a serial number for a name, roll 1d10 four times.  Each roll designates each digit in the name.

Ursyklon Names
Ursyklon can have up to six or seven names; this is due to their long history, and a variety of noble traditions they've maintained for centuries.  Most often, Ursyklon have the following naming Structure: First Name, Nickname, Ancestor Name, Family Name, Clan Name, Honor Name, Secret Name.

Often Ursyklon are named in honor of their closest elder relative of that gender identity: sons are named after their grandfather, whereas daughters are named after their grandmother, and so forth.  All Ursyklon are given an Ancestor Name, honoring an ancient hero.  Ursyklon have family and clan names.  If the Ursyklon is recognized in the community for their past actions or deeds, they often are given a Honor name, recognizing their deeds.
Lastly, all Ursyklon have a private secret name, one that they only share with their closest family.  Its seen as rude to share this name outside of the most intimate relations.

First Names: These names often are also used as ancestor names as well.

  • Male: Alistair, Callum, Murchadh, Ycott, Fertus, Neillian, Finlay, Dunkan, Maltolm, Kuart
  • Female: Aila, Elspeth, Iona, Qhona, Sheena, Zorcha, Kean, Worven, Xilias, Rileen 

Family Names: Degan, Hogan, McCann, Kordon, Srady, Zastings, Ormond, Materson, Megaton, Towan
Clan Names: Horsestrong, Ratsneak, Crowtongue, Wolfsong, Bearroar, Tigerglare, Eaglesoar, Frogeater, Sharkrider, Batscream
Secret Names: There isn't a list of these.  Secret names are something that generally don't get known.  They tend to be monosyllabalic.

Tengu Names
Tengu tend to have three names: Family Name, Past Life Name, and a Clan Name.  Tengu eschew personal names, often going by the name of the most notable past life they can remember.  Very few Tengu earn personal names, often these personal names will later be used by descendants who they are reborn into.

Family Names: Nakatomi, Shimaya, Fujimura, Ishida, Ono, Ueda, Koyohuni, Daemoto, Kobayashi, Sato
Past Life Names: Nari, Duri, Bora, Sora, Iseul, Areum, Hana, Gun, Chul, Kwang
Clan Names: Burning-Storm, White-Feather, Ice-Wind, Ghost-Scorpion, Witch-Sword, Night-Talon, Sea-Wing, Gold-Sun, Red-Monkey, Silver-Owl