Sunday, October 26, 2014

City of Curses: The Ghostwalkers (Fate Core)

The Esteemed Ghostwalkers
In a darker era, the city of Crux's own age proved to be troubling.  Generations of the dead infested the city's shadows.  Ghosts collected like moths.  Too many to be contained by spells- more would come, the curses and age of the city like Crux proving more and more difficult to contain through short gap measures.  This is where the Ghostwalkers trace their origin.

The Prince created their group.  He provided cash, a place for them to train and commissioned experts in the field of Ectomancy and Necromancy.  The Ghostwalkers are adamant on one point- the Prince refused to use the University, perhaps because it hadn't been founded yet.  Or perhaps the Prince doesn't trust the University to do the job he wanted done.  He entrusted the Ghostwalkers, and their tradition was born.

Ghostwalkers are small group of spellcasters of all varieties, each focusing on ghosts and other spirits.  Ghostwalkers speak for the dead- they walk with them.  They talk for them.  Crux's community of Ghosts rely on the Ghostwalkers to keep them happy.  And the Ghostwalkers contain the Ghosts, keeping them from causing trouble.  The Prince continues to be their Patron.

Potential Aspects: Esteemed Ghostwalker; The Prince's Ectomancer; Possessed By A Ghost and I Liked It.
Potential Ghostwalker Stunts: 
Ghost Companion: You have a apparition that has latched onto you.  In addition to having the Ghost aspect, this companion has a Class and Trouble Aspect.  Like an animal companion, they also have a Ghost skill, which is rated as Fair (+2).  Ghosts have two boxes of Mental Stress, but only 1 box of Physical stress.  To touch a ghost, an effect has to be able to affect something incorporeal and dead.

Ghost Sight: You can see ghosts, apparitions and other incorporeal creatures.  You can use a magical skill like Faith or Sorcery to let you Notice Ghosts trying to hide from you.

Other Icons
The Ghostwalkers have a few enemies in Crux.  The Publisher and his ilk see them as oppressors to Ghosts, just another form of secret police.  University necromancers often clash with them, as the necromancers seek out fresh ghosts for experiments.  And the Demon's Orphans, oddly enough, respect them, even though they are convinced the Ghostwalkers are hiding secrets about some of the oldest ghosts in Crux, ones that know things about the Prince he doesn't want to get out.