Friday, October 10, 2014

City of Curses: Alt Race, the Cecaelia

I never thought to make the Cecaelia a major race of the setting, but within Crux itself... welp, the Cecaelia within Crux itself are certainly an option.

Alt Race: Cecaelia
Cecaelia are a race of humanoids, whose lower halves are Octopi, eight tentacles.  Their coloration tends to vary.  Cecaelia are an offshoot of early Aboleth experiments on humans; they prefer their isolation, only developing clutches based around particular prominent witches.  The Cecaelia Witches in Ith have citizenship, using their underwater talents to aid Ithic trade and research.  The Cecaelia tend against socializing with outside races.
All Cecaelia have can be compelled to experience pain or dehydration due to their water-biased natures.  Even though they are amphibious to a large extent, they still can't live for too long term out of water without experiencing problems.  Thus, all Cecaelia have this weakness stunt, Sea-Breather: they take 1 stress each time they refuse a compel to return to water.
Aspects: Child of the Sea Coven; Octopus-Human Hybrid; "Deep Enough Below, All You Find are Shadows"; Eight-Tentacled Loner; Cecalia Treasure Diver;
Cecaelia Sea Witch: You can use Cecaelia in place of Sorcery for the purposes of casting spells.
Cephlapod Strider: You can use Cecaelia in place of Athletics for swimming, and you gain a +1 bonus whenever you use Cecaelia to Quickly swim.
Ink Bladder: When you use Cecaelia to make the Ink Cloud or similiar advantage on someone, you can always actively oppose any overcome rolls to get rid of the ink, even if you're not there.(Normally, if you weren't there, the character would roll against passive opposition, making it a lot easier to escape.)
Skill: Cecaelia.  
The Cecaelia skill covers all information on Cecaelia culture, and work as a managing skill for things specific to their anatomy- like their ability to swim, their ink bladder, etc.

Class Stunts
Another thing I plan to do more of is a series of Stunts that at narrow and flavored to match various classes in Pathfinder I think.  Here are some witch-themed stunts:

Witch's Familiar: You have a familiar given to you by the Patron that has granted you your magical powers.  A Familiar is an extension of yourself, so it uses the same skills as you.  It has a single aspect, two physical stress boxes and two mental stress boxes.  Whenever you cast a spell that creates an advantage for you, your familiar can use any boost or advantage you have.  Whenever you reach a milestone, you can choose to give your familiar a stunt.

Example: Muffins.  Aspect: Inquisitive Octopus-Penguin. Physical Stress: [ ][ ]; Mental Stress: [ ][ ]

Sea Witch: As long as you are near a sizable body of water, you always know which way is north.

Hexer: Whenever you create an advantage with a spell, if that spell is a hex or a curse, you can spend a fate point to turn into a moderate consequence instead.