Saturday, September 13, 2014

The City of Curses: Regions and Quarters of Crux

Regions of the Crux In Brief

Here are some of the regions of Crux.  Each region is comprised of dozens of neigborhoods and districts, landmarks and streets.  These aren't the only regions in Crux.  There are many more, but these ones are of most interest to Crux's Icons.

Blood Quarter: A region of the Crux under city populated primarily by vampires and their Dhampr descendants, located beneath Havershill and Old Crux.  The most important Icon in the Blood Quarter are the Blood Barons.

Wish Quarter: On the outskirts of the southern edge of central Crux, the Wish Quarter is located along the refuse, landfills and industrial garbage heaps that only the poorest on the edge of Crux can afford.  The most important Icon in the Wish Quarter is the Archwitch.

Havershill: North of the Skullmount, over looking the Sleeping Straits is Havershill, dominated by old ruins and tall, magically constructed apartments and towers.  The most important Icon in Havershill the Police Commissioner, who runs the Crux Metropolitan Police out of his home in Crimsonspire.

Old Crux: Located south of the Skullmount, Old Crux comprises the oldest neighborhoods that survived last Great Fire of Crux.  Here can be found Crux's oldest bazaars and most historic buildings.  The most powerful Icon of Old Crux is the Prince.

The Skullmount:  Home to the University of Crux, the Skullmount perhaps the most well known landmark in Crux, built atop the skull of a long forgotten god the size of a mountain in the middle of the cliffs and waterways of the Sleeping Straits.  The most important Icon of the Skullmount is the Chancellor of Crux University.

Northcrown: Along the North coast of Crux is Northcrown, dominated by new manor houses and estates.  It is home to the wealthiest elite of the City.  The most important Icon of Northcrown is the Banker.

Palace Hill: South of Old Crux and the Grand Bazaar is the fortified hill that once was home to the Tomasi Emperors for a thousand years-  as well as home to a myriad of palaces and other crowded tenements.  It is also home to various theatres, opera houses and ampitheatres, including the ancient marble theatres from centuries ago.  The most powerful Icon of Palace Hill is the Voice.

The Wolf Quarter: Nestled beside the Skullmount and Old Crux is the Wolf Quarter, dominated by parks and wilds kept by the Archdruid.  The most powerful Icon of the Wolf Quarter is the Archdruid.

Gruudl:  Deep beneath the Wolf Quarter and Palace Hill is Gruudl, once a proud citadel the Ursyklon erected when they first conquered Crux and the Skullmount ten thousand years ago.

The Aerie-Towns: Located throughout Crux, but centralized above Havershill, are the Tengu ghettoes, the Aerie-Towns, when they keep their own community separate from the rest of the city.  The most powerful Icon in the Aerie-Towns is the Prophet of Winds.

The Rose Quarter: Straddling the easternmost docks in Crux, the Rose Quarter sits east of the Wolf Quarter and Palace Hill.  Here are is St. Raham's Cathedral, the largest Cathedral dedicated to the Twins west of Othebea.  The most powerful Icon in the Rose Quarter is the Archbishop.