Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Center Cannot Hold: Skinwalkers v1.0

More Pathfinder oriented stats for Skinwalkers.  Also including a Fate Core addendum too, I think.

Same as core Skinwalkers, except where changed below:
Change Shape: Remains the same, except that the skinwalker can choose two animalistic features, not just one.
Speak With Animals: This ability remains the same, except it is at will instead of once per day.
Moon-Touched: Skinwalkers gain DR 5/silver.
Skinwalkers retain access to all their variant heritages as options, I think they keep in flavor with the Skinwalkers of Crux.

Skinwalker Favored Classes
Brawler: Add 1/4 to the brawler's effective level to determine her unarmed strike damage.
Cleric: Any celestial or fiendish animal you summon with a Summon Monster spell gain +1/2 to their Strength and Constitution scores.
Druid Add +1/3 to the druid's natural armor bonus when using wild shape.
Gunslinger: +1/3 bonus on Initiative checks as long as you have at least 1 Grit point available.
Hunter: +1/2 bonus on Handle Animal and wild empathy checks with the same kind of animals as your animal companion.
Paladin: When using Lay on Hands, add +1 to the amount of damage healed.
Ranger: +1/2 bonus on Handle Animal and wild empathy checks with one kind of animal chosen (you can select different animal kinds, gaining a bonus with those animals each time you select this bonus).
Slayer: +1/2 bonus on Perception and Survival checks against your studied opponent.

Skinwalker Traits
Illegal Family (Ithic Skinwalker) Your immediate family consists of Lycanthropes who are in hiding throughout Ith.  In addition to helping cover for family who are illegal lycanthropes, you've learned a knack for covering up things.  Whenever you use Bluff, Disguise or Stealth to cover up the truth from an authority, you can roll twice and take the better of the two rolls.
Southern Honor (Ithic Skinwalker) You come from the southern forests of Ith, where Lycanthropes are either legally permitted to live have taken power for themselves.  Where they do hold power, they maintain a sort of honor and decorum- you are used to dealing with those who might besmirch your honor.  Once per day, you can declare an Affront against a target- until you next successfully strike that target, you can roll next your attack against them twice and take the higher of the two rolls.  This lasts until you declare a new affront or use the affront bonus against the target.
Maliphi Wanderer (Maliph Skinwalker) Born in the hot lands of Maliph, you are used to using your more savage and feral side to survive.  Whenever you are using your Bestial Form, you gain a +2 bonus on fortitude saving throws and constitution checks to resist the effects of a environmental factor (like heatstroke).
Exiled Noble (Ainesian Skinwalker) Despite your family's long struggle with its Curse, you were nobles in Ainesia- the lands under you rebelled, slaying most of your lycanthropic relatives while you escaped as a child.  You still retain some measure of understanding about noble knowledge: in regards to Ainesian nobility, if given a family's name, you know the name of their estate and their title without effort.  You also gain a +1 bonus on Will saving throws, retaining the hope of one day being able to return home.

Most skinwalkers in Crux have no distinct Icon that defends only their interest.  Most come to identify with a particular Icon based on more personal beliefs.  For example, the Archwitch is always willing to find a place for Skinwalkers in her organization, even though she is loathe to help Skinwalkers to overturn the ban on Lycanthropy in Crux.  Others do find ways to appeal to Icons, like the Chancellor (who finds the chance to experiment upon skinwalkers to be a unexplored subject), the Prince, or the Spice Khan.  To a few other Icons, skinwalkers hide their feral natures, lying enough to garner the aide of the Archbishop or the Police Commissioner.

Suggested Racial Aspects For Skinwalkers
[Son/Daughter] of a Werewolf; Exiled Noble of a Feral Nature; The Skinwalker Belle; Your Laws or My Family
Further ideas are centered on using the variety of Skinwalkers introduced in Pathfinder's Blood of the Moon.  Each of these names for a  kind of Skinwalker tie into a specific animal and could be great for the basis of an aspect: Witchwolf, Ragebred, Scaleheart, Coldborn, Bloodmarked, etc.

Thanks for reading!  All comments are welcome, unless they promote bigotry.  Good ideas are welcome, bad ideas ignored while great ideas are stolen outright.  See ya around the bend...