Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Center Cannot Hold: Ithic Cuisine and Trade

Ithic Cuisine and Trade
Ith sits at the crossroads of the world, often its cuisine reflects the fusion of various styles.  It also has a variety of coastlines, which add a vast array of fish to the meals seen there.  In Ith, fish dishes get combined with the hearty sauces of Ainesia, the spices of Maliph and the long pastas of Othebea.

Ith's arcane establishments also encourage more experimental forms of cuisine, including a variety of fried dishes.  Non-humanoid citizens also add in their own favored dishes, further pushing the line for diversity in Ithic meals.  The Cecalia, for instance, introduced various seaweed salads.  The Tengu have brought their own taste for carrion and rice, using half rotten, dried meat for meals.  Dragons, surprisingly, first introduced potatoes and other tubers to Ith- taking them from obscure lands, creating a staple most in Ith recognize all the time.

Ithic trade focuses on textiles at the moment, utilizing various technological and arcane methods to dominate the textile trade.  The Magocracy also exports a great deal of magical goods, enough to affect the market values of some items outright.  In recent years, the invention of Androids has led to Ith trying to expand Android crafting efforts.  Ithic businesses see the creation and selling of masses of Androids as the next big market that Ith can corner in on.  However, those who want to see Androids gain rights and be emanicipated oppose this notion, stalling many attempts to mass export Androids abroad.