Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Center Cannot Hold: Classes 7

More on Classes in Crux.  Still doing some dabbling in both PF and Fate Core.  A part of me wants to also play with 5e backgrounds as well.  I think I have enough, however.

Paladin: The class of Paladin is as old as Antipaladin, although the name Paladin itself remains a young word.  Holy champions in service to churches are as how as the churches they serve.  Perhaps earliest known was the Dragon Goldflame, who died slaying the horrific Lich of Stormwood, allowing the Ursyklon to reclaim and settle that land.

Paladins as a class are flavored by the Church they serve.  Some Paladins serve churches in which their own version of the faith is regarded as heresy, as in the Revolution or the Church of Shraxes.  Other churches support the more traditional view of a Paladin- the Church of the Summer Rose, for example.  Amongst paladins, each church's order has their own sobriquet as well:

The Twins: The Paladin
The Summer Rose: Knight of the Flame
The Black Rose: Knight of Silence
The Machine: Gear-Knight
The Singer and the Song: The Diva
The Revolution: Red Knight
Shraxes: Justicars
Kazism: Sacred Keepers
The Wolf Mother: Wolf-Rider
*Note: Each of these Paladin variant orders can also be used for the sake of a class aspect.

Usually Paladins undergo some form of seminary training prior to be allowed out into the field.  In Crux, most Paladins are rare- the particular moral strength needed for it isn't as common in Crux as some might like.  They tend to be loyal to religious icons, often working for them in some capacity: the Archdruid, the Archbishop, and the Archwitch.

More than a fair number of Paladins work as Eagles for the Eternal Order of the Eagle and the Crow.  Although the local chapters are run as an extension of the Church of the Twins, the Archbishop is open to those of any faith who are willing to show a loyalty to the fundamental principles of the organization.  To him, the faith and loyalty to tradition outweighs any religious conflicts for the sake of the future of the organization.

New Trait: Paladin Eagle: You're a member of the Eternal Order of the Eagle and the Crow, an Eagle through and through.  You can always identify a fellow member of the order on sight or by name.  Whenever you use your lay on hands ability, you treat any 1s rolled as though they were 6s instead.

New Stunt: Lay on Hands: Once per session you can lay on hands, healing yourself or another by calling on the power of your deity.  Whomever you touch regains all their physical stress or you can spend 1 fate point and remove 1 mild consequence from them.

Ranger: The Ranger class came into being when the Ursyklon first invaded Orphos.  The class itself was invented as part of the Ursyklon's war with the Aboleth.  Durand the Bloodsong had been the first Ranger, a ursyklon Druid whose choice to defend a remote outpost alone let her become the first Ranger.  Although the first rangers were strongly in favor of hunting aberrations, which populated the notion of Rangers as specialists.

Rangers in Crux cover a variety of tasks.  The insane and illegal monster hunters- especially those who desire to hunt vampires.  The Police Commissioner also favors Rangers for his patrols,
augmenting his investigators with muscle and talents for tracking.  Of course, Rangers in the illegal and secret Crimsonspire Detectives find themselves in the unique position of performing something banned for the sake of the rest of the city.  Crux University helps to train a fair number of Rangers, offering classes in anatomy and biology for the various kinds of favored enemies that Rangers train to hunt.

New Trait: University Anatomy Training: You've studied anatomy at Crux University, gaining an insight on how some monsters' biology works.  You can always identify an organ of any living creature you come across.  Also, when you make a Knowledge (nature) or Knowledge (dungeoneering) to identify a monster, you always roll twice and take the better result.

New Stunt: Favored Enemy: Select one type of monster (undead, aberration, etc.) whenever you make take the attack option against that kind of monster, you gain a +2 bonus on the roll regardless of the skill involved.

Rogue: Thievery has always been a part of the world- and as such, the history of it remains somewhat a dark thing.  The earliest known Rogue called himself a thief.  Alhadim was born in Maliph, and committed many legendary crimes in the region prior to the rise of the Khans.  Alhadim created his own sultanate, stealing a crown some say.

Rogues today have so much variety that they have a variety of options in Crux.  The criminal organizations of the Demon's Orphans, the Blood Barons or the Prince have plenty of room for a eager thief, as do more legitimate organizations like Eternal Order of the Eagle and the Crow or the Metropolitan Police.  As always, such rogues find work as spies, thieves, undercover agents, thugs, and dozen or so other kinds of jobs.

Crux offers perhaps the best sorts of places to learn the trade of the Rogue class, home to mentors of dozens of different takes on the class, from Tengu Ninja to Android Runaways.  All of these sorts are always looking for the next innovation in the class.  This creates a sort of fraternity amongst most rogues, who sometimes overlook who they work for in order to find someone to share a story or a drink with.

New Trait: Reformed Crow: You used to be a part and party to the criminal underlife of Crux.  But the order helped you to reform yourself, to find a new path for your life: you are now a Crow.  You always know another member of the Eternal Order of the Eagle and the Crow on sight, and as a Crow, you always know who to talk to in order to find a order safe house.  Whenever you make a Bluff check to send a secret message, you roll twice and take the better result.