Saturday, September 20, 2014

Stories and Such

From time to time, I post stories and the like up here.  Most of the time, these are just me getting practice in or focusing on loose worldbuilding.  I try to keep my favorite projects as goals for the future.  I don't think I'll ever truly get published, but I'm more than certain that most of the content here wouldn't be published, especially my stories.

The thought of trying to create money for my stories has completely gone out of my head, though.  My blog isn't as easy to monetize, however.  This blog is me venting my ideas onto paper.  It isn't organized to be tied to only one or two kinds of content.  I vary from reviews, to stories, to writing gaming content to actual "blog" entries like this one.  And posts like this one are me stepping out of the woodwork to attempt explain some things.

The story end of content is one of my biggest creative sinks.  Some of my latest stories weren't intended to be all text.  Instead, I've been meaning to try and blur my writer side a bit with my artist side.  My art never has been what I consider 'worthy.'  But the idea of getting a webcomic or at least telling a story in comic form has always interested me.

So I think parts of recent stories are going to undergo a bit of conversion to comic form.   These stories were already interrelated, tied to Crux as a setting.  Maralda and Lahm, Letters to Othebea and the short 8511 piece all are good fodder for a Crux-based comic I think.

I don't normally post these sort of blog posts, but I figured I tried to see if this interests folks or not.  I'm going to start scripting out a 30ish comic page story in Crux, based on my recent short stories.  I suspect I need to also do some other things too.

Stories are an important part of this blog, and will continue to be.  However, if I plan to create a story that is tied to a paywall or otherwise, I'll post the linkage to it.  Despite the urge in me to try and get self-published, this blog is for me as work in progress.  I want to be a better writer, storyteller, game designer and artist.

Comments are appreciated.  Thanks for reading.  Good ideas are praised, while bad ideas are ignored.  Great ideas are stolen outright by the author.  See yah around the bend.