Sunday, September 28, 2014

Random Musing: Lords of Waterdeep Legacy

So time for a blog post.  More rambly, but whatev.  Enjoy it peeps.

After playing Lords of Waterdeep last night, I decided that the game lacks some depth in some flavor in a few ways.  And after hearing that Pandemic is getting its own Legacy version (I wants it already), I feel like I should hack Lords of Waterdeep a bit.

Lords of Waterdeep is a german-style worker placement game that uses the themes of Waterdeep, with its lords and all that Faerun jazz.

Here's the idea for a hack:

Adventuring Parties.  Each lord has a particular adventuring party that they are using as agents in Waterdeep.  Each of these parties has their own powers, etc.  Your Adventuring Party is in addition to your faction or lord, its another kind of thing to help define your game.  And each time you play, you can get a different selection of adventuring parties, factions and lords, potentially wrenching up replayability.
Design Names for Now: (Need five)

Arcanists Party: Start the game with a Wizard.
Martial Party: Start the game with a Fighter.
Pious Party: Start the game with a Priest.
Treacherous Party: Start the game with a Rogue.
Manipulative Party: Start the game with an extra Intrigue card.

Note that if you use parties as the legacy component, you could have them gain different abilities as sessions go by.  Perhaps the Martial Party can learn Weapon Training, making it possible to regain a Fighter after having spent one on a quest.  Or maybe Power Attack, letting you spend two fighters and take away one cube of your choice from an opponent's tavern.  Ways to use your agents to be aggressive, while losing the chance to continue building up your end of things.

I'd rely on someone more versed in Faerun lore to come up with cool names for the adventuring parties.

Possible other ideas:

  • Certain Factions start the game with particular quests, regardless of Lord.  I think that each faction has enough flavor that they should have a "core quest" they begin play with.
  • Sleeve up the Intrigue Cards so I can add in a few more direct problems for people.  Like, a quest type that isn't mandatory, but like a plot quest: it gives that player constant problems until they solve it.  Like, Red Wizards or something like that.
  • Crises.  I think maybe the game might benefit from something I enjoy in the Game of Thrones boardgame, something that throws up problems every other round or possibly changes how board stuff works.  Like, a turn where buildings that create Rogues cost a gold per Rogue, or something like that.
  • More Legacy Stuff: At the end of five or sessions, the player with the most wins can select a building and it always is in play at the beginning of a game from then on, not owned by anybody.