Sunday, September 28, 2014

Crux Fate Build 1

I find myself about to run Crux in a Fate build.  So, my thoughts turn to how I'm going to do that.

I have two different Pathfinder Fate builds I could use or hack: Green Ronin's Fate Freeport, and this FAE Pathfinder build I stumbled upon awhile back.  My needs lean toward using more of Core Fate over Fate Accelerated this time.

I also plan to port in Icons as well.  Because I like how Approaches work, I want to also do something I've thought about: blending Approaches and Skills.  This seems like it could create more diversity, while allowing for the kind of specialization I prefer for players overall.

Approaches add a how, meaning players can use them to explain how they approach an action or skill while being both narrative and mechanical enough for my needs.  

Right my most work is getting Races and some stunts converted over, and prepping some character gen documents for my players.

This is more of a "blog" post than some of my normal stuff, so... enjoy?

Specialization versus Generalization feels like something I need to spend an article to explain.  Its part of my own personal theory on what makes an entertaining character: generalization tends to make less interesting characters than those who specialize in my opinion.  Most interesting characters do specialize, using one set of tools in unique and different ways, while generalists get by on everything.

Generalists "always" have what they need... but Specialists have holes.  Weak spots they can't quite make up for.  Hence, more interesting.

Welp, I might be posting more about this Crux game now I get a chance to run it in IRL.  Wish me luck!