Wednesday, September 17, 2014

City of Curses: More Regions of Crux

More Regions of Crux!

This should round out most of the regions of importance in Crux.  Outside of the 13 areas tied to each Icon of the City, there are some other regions I felt I needed to include.

Most of these come with traits.  Enjoy!

The Grand Bazaar: Nestled between Palace Hill, the Wolf Quarter and the Wish Quarter is one of the landmarks of the city, a region known as the Grand Bazaar.  Filled with merchant districts of all sizes, surrounding a central, ancient square and fountain known as Avard's Spring.  The most powerful Icon of the Grand Bazaar is the Publisher, who runs his newspapers out of the busy heart of Crux.

New Trait: Bazaar Papernewsie: Ever since you were a kid, you've worked the corners of the Bazaar, selling the Publisher's papers to passersby.  You know most of the Bazaar like the back of your hand, and always know where to find the right shop if asked.  In addition, you gain a +2 trait bonus on Perform (Oratory) checks to try and sell things.  On Perform (Oratory) checks to sell things, you always roll twice and take the better result.

The Skullmount Catacombs: An ancient temple to Shraxes is rumored to be located deep under the skullmount.  The catacombs are more than that however.  Its a maze of old dungeons, tunnels, complexes and more from Crux's long history.

Perdition Hill: On a hill north of the Skullmount and west of Havershill is Perdition Hill, known for its prisons and asylums.  Its collection of prisons date back centuries, some of which still sit unused, empty and full of squatters.

New Trait: Perdition Guard: You work in the prisons of Perdition Hill, and you know them like the back of your hand.  As long as you are told a prisoner's full name, you know which prison they are currently in- if they aren't a prisoner or have escaped, then your knowledge might fail.  In addition, you gain a +2 trait bonus on nonlethal damage rolls.

Port of Crux: On the southwestern edge of the Skullmount is a morass of docks, harbours and wharfs.  The Port of Crux is as old as Old Crux is.  Much of the trade in the Maru Sea visits these docks, in one form or another.  The most powerful Icon in the Port of Crux is the Spice Khan.

New Trait: Portside Worker: You work the docks, and have done so like your parents before you.  You've also done work on boats to and from Crux for years, having gained a variety of skills.  You have a knack for identifying ships- you always know the name of the most recent ship to have docked in Crux.  You gain a +1 trait bonus on Swim and always treat it as a class skill.  You roll twice for this skill and take the better roll.

Poorfellows: Former home of a long dead hermit, but Poorfellows has since been reclaimed and turned into cramped slums centered around its lone chapel.  The most powerful Icon in Poorfellows is the Tinkerer- who is well-liked in the neighborhood, especially by those Androids that have settled around her.  Poorfellows sits on the massive island east of the Skullport, connected to both north and south crux via bridges.

New Trait: Resourceful Poorfellow: Raised in the slums of Poorfellows, you know how to get by on very little.  You always know how to get a meal, by crook or by hook.  In addition, when in Poorfellows, you gain a +2 trait bonus on Stealth, Survival and Perception.

Gallowsford: Located atop overlooking cliffs east of Poorfellows, Gallowsford has been one of the main burial sites of the dead in Crux for centuries.  It always seems smaller than necessary- which is true.  Necromancer have long used Gallowsford's penny burials to purchase fresh bodies.  The first agreements that formed Ith have outlawed the practice, although some still suggest that the Chancellor lets them dig up bodies from time to time.

New Trait: Gallowsford Graverobber: You got a sense for the dead, enough to be able to sneak up and take bodies without being noticed.  You gain a +2 trait bonus on Stealth checks you make at night.  In addition, when making a heal check to appraise a corpse's value, you roll twice and take the better result.  Lastly, your Strength Score is considered 2 higher as long as you are dragging a corpse.

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So I've drifted with Trait design toward more and more less mechanical benefits; some of these traits could be seen as being worthy of a feat, not a trait.  Welp, lets see.

Thanks for reading!  I appreciate any suggestions/feedback.  Good ideas are praised, while Bad ideas are ignored.  Great ideas are stolen, however.  See yah around the bend.