Tuesday, September 30, 2014

City of Curses: Five Things All Ithish Know

Five Things All Ithish Know

1.  What Sorcery Looks Like:  Ithish all know Sorcery when they see it.  Even those Ithish without any hint of sorcerous power will claim that they "know" Sorcery when they see it.  As a point of pride, any Ithish worth their salt will tell you "how to sniff out magic"- even when they don't have a clue how to cast a single cantrip.
2.  The Legend of Ith and his principles:  Every Ithish has their own version of the tale, but all Ithish agree on Ith's principles of liberty and self-governance.  Ith the Archmage spoke throughout most of the Ithic city-states over a thousand years ago, his principles of Liberty and Self-Government became cemented in the character of Ith at that point.  Most Ithish are quick to quote Ith's principles from time to time, especially when discussing freedom, liberty and government.  "All people are born free."  "The pursuit of happiness is the highest pursuit."  "No one's liberty should be abridged for any reason, be it sex, love, faith or creed."
3.  The Best Music:  All Ithish know the tunes and melodies of the most popular musicians, Divas and composers.  Their urban centers often ring out with Bards or artifice that carry the best tunes, making most Ithish apt at least at humming a popular tune or two.
4.  Which Paper Lies, Which Paper is Honest:  All Ithish read their newspapers, often at a religious pace.  Most even subscribe to papers they openly disagree with, mainly so they can participate in the lively discussions at the local pub or coffeehouse.
5.  An opinion or two on the Government:  Most Ithish have opinion on politics, especially on the subject of Citizenship.  Many in the North advocate for repealing the Sorcery requirement for Citizenship, while those from the South disagree.  The subject always generates fierce debate.


Just a quickie.  Bit of a thing about Crux to explain some inner flavor to those interested in it.  :D