Friday, August 22, 2014

The Center Cannot Hold: Maralda and Lahm 2

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Lahm helped me to cross one of wider gap's in Bellamy's Stair.  The long narrow stair was the fastest back entrance onto the Skullmount.  It winded itself around the southernmost part of the Skull.  I knew the story about why it was called Bellamy's Stair, but neither Lahm nor 8511 wanted to hear it.

"What's the point if you already know it then?"  I pouted.  "Ruins the point of a story if you know the ending."

"Really?"  Lahm countered.  "How many times have you reread The Journey of the Roses then?"

"That's... That's not the same thing."  I stuck my tongue out at him.  I glanced back at 8511.  She kept her head down, trying not to meet my gaze.  She still clung tight to the mirror she'd come out of the sewers with.

"Hey, everything okay, Robot?"  I asked, giving her my best smirk.  No response- some Bard I am, I thought.

"It's alright to talk to us, 8511." Lahm added.  The red-eyed tiefling had genuine concern in his voice.  "We don't have a choice, you know, we have to return you back to your master.  Why were you down in the sewers?"

I cocked an eyebrow as we ascended up Bellamy's Stair.  Why had she been down there by herself?  Had she been trying to escape?

"I..." 8511 hesitated.  "I wasn't trying to runaway.  I was doing a job for Master Maxmidan."

I paused and thought for a moment.  I remembered being stuck like 8511 had been.  My Mother had always used her powers to control me, to keep me locked away like precious piece of jewelry.  I'd help trick others and I could always remember that bloody smell they left behind.  I let my Bardic skills take my own charming talents- never as strong as my mother's- and use them to leverage open the Android's emotions.
If someone claims that Androids don't have emotions, they're lying to you.  Androids feel.  Born as adults, they don't have enough experience to deal with them.  That made them easy marks to a little ok Bard like me.

"Tell us, 8511."  I put a hand on her shoulder.   "Maybe we can help you."

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