Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Center Cannot Hold: Classes 5

Hunter: Perhaps the strangest of the classes the Ursyklon brought with them, Hunters are the most tied to the totemic children of Lupa the Wolf-Goddess.  Each Animal Focus Hunters emulate echo back to the Children of Lupa, who the Ursyklon claim were the first to create the class.

Considered flexible in their service to nature, Hunters are just as few as Druids in Crux itself.  Hunters come through Crux all the time, but their strong bonds with their animal companions drive them to drift away just as often.  Those few Hunters in Crux are well sought out, usually for their variety of skills and such.

Inquisitor: Each faith has its own dark agents, even the Summer Rose.  No one remembers who was the first Inquisitor, just that some agents of each Faith would come to bypass the rules.  Some think it may have been a former Paladin of the Black Roses, others point to the divergent old Salir Gods, while some consider the concept an extension of the City Mother's faith.

Inquisitors in Crux operate in secret, most of them working for the Church of the Twins and Othebea.  Othebea has a vested interest in opposing some of the reforms of both Ith and Ainesia, and Inquisitors stand on the forefront of that action.  The Revolution of Ainesia has its own Inquisitors, who obey the tenets of the fervent revolution.

Investigator: The newest class to be chosen, Investigators trace their origins to Dr. Oris Deftmind.  Dr. Deftmind, one of the most prominent Alchemists of the age, created a adventuring company dedicated to uncovering mysteries in Crux.  For more than forty years, Deftmind fought a war against the Patrizo vampire Clan.  He struggled against their piracy, striving to bring them to justice for what they did.

Investigators cluster in Crux.  Most studied under Deftmind or one of his apprentices.  They practice their investigations for just under a number of different auspices, most often working for the Courts.  A good number of detectives in the Crux Investigative Unit are Investigators, brought together specifically to account for crimes that the rest of the city watch would have trouble with.  Dhampir Investigators act as agents of their respective clans, often looking into or after subjects of interest to their clan.