Friday, August 15, 2014

The Center Cannot Hold: Ainesia Cuisine and Trade

Ainesian Cuisine & Trade
There are two common thoughts to Ainesian cuisine, the Northern versus the Southern.  In the north, stews and meatpies are favored, especially in hearty amounts with savory flavors.  Most folk favor a variety of slices of meat, using all parts of the animal.  Blood sausages and potatoes are common winter staples in the North as well.  Mead remains a favorite in the north, although new distilled drinks like Brandy have started to grow in popularity.

In Southern Ainesia, salt marshes and the bounty of the sea dominate meals.  Crustaceans of all kinds are used for meals, mixed with wildflower salads and much spices.  Salted fish soups are a staple of the summer for the south, whose fishermen sell their wares throughout the rest of Ainesia.  Some south Ainesia dishes use fish, long noodles and spicy flavors.  Coffee from Maliph has supplanted most alcoholic beverages in Southern Ainesia, often mixed with chocolate and chilis to create a local drink call Firebrew.

Ainesia trades well with textiles, heavy ores and salt.  What once were divided interests fighting over meager split resources, are now combined in their total sum of available resources.  Ainesia still lacks the means to provide any form of competition in naval trade or technological innovation when compared to Ith or Othebea.  It makes its wealth on its vast resources and mines.  It is this that Empress Krasnysang hopes to leverage into forward progress.