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The Center Cannot Hold: Tengu

The Bird-men know how to keep secrets.  And no one ever finds the bodies, no matter how hard they look.

Tengu hail from the far side of the world, in the Jade Lands of Lhen, Mu and Rwengri-La.  Tengu tribes are ancient societies, for the black-feathered bird folk have held their lands for as long as Crux has been a city.  Their lands have long been insular, forbidding access of any outsider powers into their lands.  Tengu migrants have long poured out of the Jade Lands, growing every steady in the last few years.  As global travel as become more and more accessible, more and more Tengu come to Crux and Ith seeking to make their fortunes.

A very private people, the Tengu have at least five different languages amongst themselves.  Many Tengu choose not to assimilate, preferring to create their own insular, very private communities.  Even their faith in the Five Winds is something they are never really open with outsiders about.  The Tengu have many taboos about what they choose to share with outsiders too.

The greatest rumor about the Tengu is that each Tengu is reborn into the next generation, that each Tengu is reincarnated from past Tengu who've died.  Tengu refuse to speak about this, explaining the hows or whys of it to outsiders being one of their biggest taboos.  Tengu value the privacy of their past lives, and have elaborate rules of clan, tribe and caste relations based on what past lives they remember.

Crux: Throughout Crux, Tengu have taken most of the menial labor and service jobs that can't been accomplished expensively by others.  They accomplish tasks for those who can't afford to purchase Androids for, very low-end, dirty jobs.  They've long established their own sort of ghettoes atop the rooftops of various quarters throughout Crux, but especially around the outside the various towers and abandoned sections of Crux.

These Aerie-Towns are home to the thousands of Tengu migrants who've journeyed to Crux to make lives for themselves.  They also are home to darker services, provided by Ninja Clans who protect the Aerie Towns from outsider aggression.  These clans provide a variety of services, including assassination.  They aren't the only outfit in Crux to provide such services- but Tengu Ninjas pride themselves on their professionalism, and their reputation for never revealing information about a job to outsiders.

Sidebar: Tengu Crow
For every rule, there are exceptions.  Tengu aren't so insular that they don't have those who break off from their clans.  Aggression conversion work by the Church of the Twins has draw a number of Tengu into the fold of the Black Rose.  Outcasts before converting, these Tengu adopt their new faith as their new Clan.  They still refuse to share details that are taboo to share with outsiders.  Some times.

When pressed to choose, some of these Tengu will break their ancient Taboos if the need is big enough.  These Tengu know they've committed the worst possible crime, however, aware that no Tengu will knowingly speak with them again if they know about them breaking it.

Tengu Stats can be found Here.

Common Tengu Phrases
Here's how you too can sound like a Tengu!

May you be in a pleasant mood. (This is both a greeting and farewell.)
To Cast a brick to attract jade.  ("Just tossing an idea out there.")
A sharp blade points out.  ("To fully expose one's talent.")
And the Winds Still Blow.  ("We will continue to stand our ground.")
Nine storms, one breath. ("A drop in the ocean."  Or "A insignificant number in midst of a enormous quantity.")

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