Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Center Cannot Hold: The People's Revolution

The People's Revolution is a import from the People's Republics of Ainesia.  Toward the end of the Revolutionary Wars, a fervor among the people of Ainesia took over.  Based in the romantic philosophy of Kis, they formed a new political entity.  Kisian Philosophy sparked a revolution.  It flooded out of its birth country.  Within four years, a dozen nations had fallen, united together into a new united empire.

Othebea, Ith and other neighbors struggled to try and prevent the same fervor that took over Ainesia from infecting them.  Kisian Philosophy was outlawed or denounced throughout Ith and Othebea.  Othebea refused to recognize the new polity of Ainesia at all.

The People's Revolution is a secret infestation into Crux.  Ithic law doesn't outright prevent the practice of Kisian Philosophy, but most citizens of Ith fear it.  Of course, Ithic Citizenry only includes those who know some sorcery.  The sorcerous citizenry are weary or fearful of their non-sorcerous folk being recruited for some cause, especially since Kisian Philosophy is married tightly to the interests of a rival nation.

The People's Revolution is a fervent, local version of Kisian Philosophy.  It is Cruxite in origin.  In fact, most members of the People's Revolution refuse or openly distance themselves from Ainesia itself.

Goals: The People's Revolution wants to reform Crux and Ith, at every level of Government.  They believe they fight for the common person.  The working class empowered as the true power of the state.  Kisian Philosophy advocates for collective ownership of the state and property.  A new social order.

They work to help the working class and others they see as having the same interests.  Currently they seek to recruit as many Androids as they can.  The People's Revolution are convinced that Androids might make excellent additions.  That they might create an army from those they see as slaves to the Wealthy of Crux.

Some in the People's Revolution are willing to die to further their cause.  Others are idealists, joining out of a youthful bit of whimsy.  The most frightening are those willing to do whatever they can to burn the world around them- to destroy the old world to make room for the new.