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The Center Cannot Hold: Kazism, the Tengu Gods

Kazism, The Wisdom of Winds
The predominant philosophies of the far-flung parts of the world differ greatly than those in Crux.  Tengu migrants brought their favored schools of thought.  These faiths hold the Five Winds in the highest esteem, taking wisdom and lessons from them.  For each wind there is a name.  Each wind has its own lessons about the world, and each Tengu honors each wind in turn.

For the Tengu, each of these winds are ever present.  They know the paths we've walked and the paths we will walk.  They are the winds.  You follow them because they are the path.  Those who dare go against them do so at their own peril.


Areas of Concern: Tengu, Winds, Paths
Holy Symbol: Four Spirals bound in a circle
Worshippers: Tengu, Mystics, Travelers, Wanderers
Domains: Air, Travel, Tengu, Creation
Favored Weapon: Light Crossbow

Kazism itself can be followed much like any of the winds alone.  It embraces all five lessons of the winds, using them to guide one to the True Path throughout the world.  Kazists teach respect for all life, abhor violence and distant themselves from very petty, very mortal needs.  Ascetism is not uncommon for Tengu Priests who revere all the Winds- their monasteries and sacred places often are protected by all Tengu and kept secret from those who'd dare pollute them.

Kazi-Raijin, The North Wind

Titles: The Storm of Swords, Lord of the Four Winds
Areas of Concern: Storms, Wealth, Tengu Society
Holy Symbol: A spiral overlade with a lightning bolt
Worshippers: Tengu, Leaders, Lawmakers
Domains: Air, Weather, Travel, Strength
Favored Weapon: Shortsword

Strongest of the Four Winds, Kazi-Raijin teaches the Lesson of Strength: Respect.  He is the strong North Wind, and he brings the storms of Winter.  Strength can be a power of its own, and Tengu pray for Kazi-Raijin to give them strength when it is needed most.  Leaders among the Tengu also pay him close heed, taking his lessons on the necessity of respect and strength to heart.

Kazi-Fujin, The South Wind

Titles: Rain-Thief, The Storm of Fire
Areas of Concern: Wind, Fire, Thievery
Holy Symbol: A Spiral with Fire at its Center
Worshippers: Tengu, Tricksters, Thieves
Domains: Fire, Travel, Trickery, Weather
Favored Weapon: Sai

The cleverest wind, Kazi-Fujin steals the rain, brings the hot wind and tricks the storms of summer.  Kazi-Fujin teaches the Lesson of Cunning: Silence.  That which cannot be seen or heard can work wonders.  Tengu pray to Kazi-Fujin to show them the invisible path that silence demands when they need it.  All Tengu pay him close heed, sometimes as a jokester deity whose tales carry humor and lessons that all Tengu learn as children.

Kazi-Maya, The West Wind

Titles: The Gentle Wind, The Rainbow Lady
Areas of Concern: Family, Love, Beauty
Holy Symbol: A Spiral comprised of a Rainbow of Colors
Worshippers: Tengu, Families, Mothers
Domains: Earth, Community, Charm, Weather
Favored Weapon: Kukri

The gentlest wind, Kazi-Maya makes the rainbow and fills the world with beauty.  Kazi-Maya is Kazi-Raijin's consort, and only she can calm him when he rages.  Kazi-Maya teaches the Lesson of Beauty: Charity.  To make an act truly beautiful, it requires an act of sacrifice, an act of charity or so says Kazi-Maya.  All Tengu revere Kazi-Maya whenever they do anything as a community.  She is the force that helps bind them altogether.

Kazi-Paja, The East Wind

Titles: The Witching Wind, The Warning Wind
Areas of Concern: Magic, Curses, Rivers
Holy Symbol: A Black Spiral with a Coin at its center
Worshippers: Tengu, Witches, Ninja
Domains: Water, Knowledge, Magic, Weather
Favored Weapon: Shuriken

The unlucky wind, Kazi-Paja carries curses and foul magic when its needed.  Kazi-Paja teaches the Lesson of Justice: Balance.  She balances the scales; for her, one bad act must be balanced by bad luck on the other side.  All Tengu fear Kazi-Paja, but they pray to her for good luck and to curse those that have wronged them.  She also is a patron to Tengu Ninjas, who often enact her will as a extension of the balance she seeks to create.

Kazi-Oni, The Demon Wind

Titles: The Last Storm, Destroyer of Worlds
Areas of Concern: Doom, Apocalypse, Suffering
Holy Symbol: A Grinning Red Oni Mask
Worshippers: Lunatics, Doomseekers, Suicides
Domains: Darkness, Destruction, Madness, Weather
Favored Weapon: Greatclub

The Tengu do not speak of the Demon Wind.  It is still there, bidding its time.  A few sometimes will invoke it, but they all know what it is.  It is the doom wind.  The apocalypse that brings the Last Storm.  The Destroyer of Worlds.

The Tengu do not speak of It.  They keep silent on the matter.  Only those Tengu who seek destruction seek out the Demon Wind.  The less spoken about it, the better.

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