Friday, July 18, 2014

The Center Cannot Hold: The Esoterium Machina

The Esoterium Machina
"You Cannot Slay An Idea."

The Esoterium Machina is the only path to enlightenment.  Founded by the Wise, it focuses on protecting and preserving all knowledge.  The Esoterium is Knowledge.  And they always had a home in Crux.  They built the University.  Their Veiled Masters hoard a great deal of secrets about the City of Curses.

The deeper mysteries of Crux drew people of knowledge and intelligence to it long ago.  The questions of the City of Curses let to the formation of a formal organization.  This organization would create the University of Crux.  Over their thousands of years, the Veiled Masters of the Esoterium have sought out all forms of knowledge, to protect it from destruction.  The Esoterium has never explained what destruction it fears is coming for such knowledge, but hoards its finds whenever it can.

As such, the Esoterium Machina has always been quick to hire independent agents to recover such knowledge or aid them in their various projects to further such knowledge.  Membership only goes to those who've spent decades devoting themselves to such knowledge, creating a gerontocracy among its membership.  Its membership isn't for just the arcane, anyone steeped in knowledge is deemed worthy enough to join their ranks.

The Sundered Star: Perhaps the darkest corner for the Esoterium Machina is an ancient cult associated with some of its membership.  Never admitting to ever truly accept anyone of the Cult of the Sundered Star to be true members of the Esoterium, the Veiled Masters still permitted no knowledge of the Sundered Star to fade away.  The Sundered Star is dark goal that all members of the Esoterium feel the pull of from time to time.

Most continue on, not influenced by the cthonic pulsation of such knowledge.  But the Sundered Star seeks to bring back to life beings long dead, long forgotten.  Gods of Beauty long dead.  Secret monsters whose names once spoken will release them from their prisons.  Alien things that dwell only in the very idea of them.

The Sundered Star, albeit a dark part of the Esoterium Machina, remains a dark blemish.  Its cultists appear from time to time, and the Esoterium does its best to stop them.  But other times, some see the Esoterium allow them to open a door that shouldn't be opened.  Just to see what they can on the other side.

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