Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Center Cannot Hold: Classes 4

Fighters: Humanity discovered the Fighter class centuries ago in the Salurina, in the southern reaches of Ainesia, long before the ursyklon invaded.  His name was Thad the Conqueror, and he conquered all of Southern Ainesia in under five years.  His empire crumbled around him, but Thad's legacy wasn't his empire, but in the class he founded.

Versatile, the Fighter class spread quickly.  The second oldest Class to be discovered, Fighters spread their class to the farthest continents, creating thousands of variations as they went.  Brawlers, Samurai, Magi and other classes were spawned from Fighters, who used the basic techniques of the class to create their new classes.  Even the intrepid Gunslinger has its origin with Thad's original class.

In Crux, fighters form the foundation of the City Watch.  Others specialize, using archetypes and prestige kits to fit a dozen different positions as needed.  Fighters always have opportunities, even at the University, where some esoteric and specific techniques are taught alongside other academic ideas.  Perhaps counterintuitively, Fighters are likely members of the Esoterium Machina too, as they seek to preserve and collect combat knowledge of all kinds.  Their talents allow some masters to demonstrate Fighter techniques from thousands of years ago, as well as fostering new, exotic forms of fighting in the University's training yards.

Gunslingers: Dare.  That is the word that all Gunslingers live by, daring and acting without thinking.  Gunslingers trace their origin to only a century ago, when The Stranger took up her twin pistols to defend a small village from raiders.  She had no name, but other fighters would take up her class.  It soon spread throughout Othebea, Bor and Ith.  No one knows what happened to The Stranger- some claim she still wanders the roads, providing justice with gunpowder blasts, too quick to be caught by the Black Rose.

Gunslingers come to Crux to seek out work, often using their acts of daring to get employed in impulsive jobs.  Criminal or heroic, all gunslingers use their talents to get the one up on their foes.  Not a uncommon fixture in any endeavour in the City of Curses, Gunslingers of all kinds are to be found.  Even the Church of the Twins has relaxed its trepidations about firearms, heralding a new age to be dominated by a class of gun-toting swashbucklers.

Sidebar: Enforcers.
Some Gunslingers have a talent for scaring their foes without having to resort to violence.  Called Enforcers, this archetype specializes on leveraging intimidation into generating gold, defending their boss's turf or forcing opponents to stand down.  Born in Crux, Enforcers have carved a particular niche among Gunslingers in Crux.