Monday, July 28, 2014

The Center Cannot Hold: Classes 3

Cavalier: The Ursyklon were dominant, having brought the Classes of Barbarian, Hunter, Ranger and Druid with them when they first began their conquests of the world.  The Cavalier was a human who learned to be a Ranger, but deviated from the class to create something new that no Ursyklon was quite prepared for at the time.  Known only as The Cavalier, he forged a new Kingdom, one known only to later generations as the Golden Empire.  It fell, leaving ruins of it throughout Ainesia, Othebea and Ith.

All Cavalier Orders appear in Crux.  A fair number of Cavaliers also work in the city watch, for the Esoterium Machina in a protective capacity, the Eternal Order of the Eagle and the Crow or various militia that travel through the city from time to time.  Cavaliers of the Order of the Cockatrice have a long known association with the World Laborers' League, enjoying the idea of being protected in a union without necessarily having to expend that much effort to help them.

The Order of the Seal, however, roams the Undercity of Crux.  These Cavaliers have facial tattoos, glyphs from a empire long forgotten.  They protect a secret under the city, devoted to preventing it from being discovered by adventurers or others.  Some claim they work for the Prince, but the Esoterium Machina insists that they impede progress and knowledge without a higher power or accord.

Cleric:  Othebean Scholars record when the first Cleric became chosen.  An adept worshipping the Twins, Aza of Blackstone came to learn the secrets of her gods.  Through her faith she wielded the power of Domains for the first time, allowing the fledgling Church of the Twins to sweep across all of Othebea.

Clerics in this setting do not have to share the same alignment as their deity.  And Clerics can always select Good, Evil, Law or Chaos as a domain so long as they have the correct alignment that matches, in addition to the domains they would normally select from their deity.  Clerics in Crux worship all deities, from all alignments.  Crux is a melting pot of faiths and ideals, leading to a myriad selection of Clerics who all have their own variety of opinions.  Ithic law prevents the religious violence of prior eras, instead forcing heretics and true believers to hold heated debates, all the way from the University atop the skull down into the darkest corners of the Blood Quarter.

Druid: At first, Druids were the holy priests of Lupa, her chosen nature wardens.  Called the Urzahad by the Ursyklon, Ursyklon remember the first Druid: he was also the first true Ursyklon hero, known only as The Son.  The Son merged with nature, becoming part of the forests that Lupa sent him to protect first.  Druids followed along the Ursyklon, frequently becoming the very first class Humans learned from the Ursyklon.

Druids in Crux tend toward the most ancient, most feral parts of the city.  A few tend to gardens here and there, but there are districts in Crux that have grown wild, with nature overrunning them.  In the sewers, Wererat and Vampire Druids have their own sort of clique, a sewer brotherhood that schemes against the surface walkers.  In the Wolf Quarter, Druids and Clerics of Lupa walk arm in arm, often performing ceremonies reflecting the different aspects of the Wolf Mother's church.  Sea Druids sometimes also walk the docks, looking for work in their own specialized water-based fields.

Then there are the Druids who seek retribution.  Driven mad by Crux's very nature, they can sense the wrongness of Crux.  They feel that this was a place meant only for the animalistic.  They spread lycanthropy.  Or they force captured folk into the form of stray animals.  Or they look at Androids and try their best to eliminate something so offensive, so unnatural.