Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Center Cannot Hold: Classes 2

More ways Classes fit in Crux!  Enjoy, and as always, glad to hear what people think.

Bards: They say the first Bards were the children of the Singer and the Song, the goddess' chosen favorites.  Bards disagree on which of them was truly the 'First Bard.'  Each of them was a master of their field, excelling so grandly that each of their names were considered inspiration: called the Muses, each of them taught their form of Bardic music, spreading the art throughout the world at their Goddess's behalf.

Bards are all over Crux, earning pay through a variety of services and methods.  Most sing or perform on corners for their supper, but others find cleverer ways to make coin.  A few find work as Fixers for the University, often obtaining things or stories the Esoterium Machina wouldn't find otherwise.  Others open their bars or taverns, while a few Celebrity Bards perform at high-scale theaters throughout Crux.  And of course, a couple write music and stories, selling ideas in books as well as in oration.

Bloodragers: Bloodragers carry a vicious curse, one they didn't choose to take on.  Their arcane fury follows the same as the Jokara the Cursed, a skinwalker magus who first unlocked the path of Bloodrage when she was cursed by a demon thousands of years ago.  Jokara spent her life trying to control her Bloodrage, but she choose to drown herself rather than let the Class be learned by others.

Bloodragers don't seek their path.  Often, it is the result of a curse cast when they were very young or unborn.  Sometimes Dhampr, Skinwalkers or Tieflings grow into the class without realizing it, the lost control over their heritage manifesting as Bloodrage.  A few are tainted by contact with cursed Artifacts or demonic possession- they are in control when the Bloodrager is raging, using them more like host creatures.

Brawlers: Blood-drenched fists were first called upon by a pirate of the Southern Seas, Xemirr Goldbeard.  Goldbeard eschewed the use of any weapons at all, using the talents of Brawling to escape custody a thousand times back when the Tomasian Empire still ruled over Crux.  He spread the practice across the world, training soldiers and wrestlers at each port he stopped upon.

Brawlers in Crux frequent the streets, often looking for any work that requires muscle.  More than a few districts have arenas and fighting pits where Brawlers fight and earn pay, excelling alongside Barbarians and Fighters of all kinds.  Brawlers excel at the prize fighting tournaments of Crux, often seeking to win the Wolf's Championship.  Hosted by priests of Lupa, the Wolf's Championship has become synonymous with World Championship.  Each Brawler in Crux dreams of carrying the title of Champion, and all of them admire those who enter the ring.

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