Monday, June 23, 2014

Find the Path: Adapting Aspects for Pathfinder

I like Fate a bit.  And I want to use Aspects, but I find myself not certain that adapting them wholesale to Pathfinder.  If you want to run Pathfinder-y setting stuff in Fate, do that.  Or vice versa I suppose.

But I want to borrow the mechanical flavor of Aspects, in that they are unique components of a character.  In this way, I think of how Backgrounds work in 13th Age.  So, let's riff on that then.  I also don't want a lot of time spent creating these, considering all the other time spent in character generation in Pathfinder.  Besides, its remarkable how much a little addition adds so much more flavor.

Variant: Aspects

I'm keeping the name, by the way.  I'm going to tie Aspects into previous idea of mine, the idea of the Chosen as an explanation for explaining Feats and other d20 mechanics as metaphysical concepts in-setting.

Only Chosen can have Aspects.  This isn't meant to be a mythic thing.  But it means Chosen beings carry metaphysical weight.  Like everyone else, they can use Feats, Spells and learn Classes.  They also can create new Feats, Spells or Classes that haven't existed before, once in a great while.

So Chosen carry metaphysical weight.  They aren't Mythic.  Just that that they are nexus points, somewhat unique and opportunities waiting to happen.  Player Characters are intended to be Chosen.  NPC who are Chosen should be (this includes Pets, Cohorts, etc) rare compared to active PCs.  After all, ruins the fun if everyone gets nifty stuff.

Aspects are descriptive, and are what they are in Fate: Phrases representing a object or catchphrase or something core to a character.  I'm not going to go into how to define Aspects.  Fate has plenty of material on the explanation of how to create one.

Instead, here is how Aspects apply in this variant: they are a +2 Aspect bonus.  Whenever that Aspect could apply to a d20 roll, the character can add their aspect bonus.  If that Aspect could apply, like in a particular place or situation.  Most of the time, this will be a sort of GM fiat thing,

I decide to remove the Fate point economy, but this is more of a attempt to lower the potential complexity of adding more points and things to d20.  And, well, the flavor of this is intended to be somewhat unique.  I'll be blunt: I don't want to pollute the system of Pathfinder and remove part of the point of playing it.

Besides, this just adds two lines to character sheets.  I think it'll be a great addition, as it gives players an point based out without the necessary points, and the GM can reward them for roleplaying, in a fashion.  If I can think of a better name for them later on, I'll do so, since I am sort of stepping away from Fate a bit with this.