Friday, April 25, 2014

The Hornes Foundation

"For The Children..." Public Motto of the Hornes Foundation

The Hornes Foundation is the modern incarnation of a series of international Hunting and Philanthropic Clubs, commonly known as the Hornes Club.  The Hornes Club in turn was first founded in New England in the early 19th Century to preserve particular hunting traditions.  These traditions are even older, tied into Herne and Wild Hunt cults that go back to Roman Times.

Its also a public face to a organization that is known for its ties to the entity known as Molech- sometimes called Herne, other times the Horned God.  His most frightening titles are Saturn and Child-Eater.

The Wild Hunts

Knowledge in regards to the Wild Hunt varies based on the sources cited.  Stories tied to the Horned God, are gruesome.  Children were used as live prey for elaborate hunts.  Because most members of the Wild Hunts were also landed gentry, efforts were made to silence anyone who shared about it.  The Huntmaster of a hunt would wear a helm decorated with antlers or bull's horns, his role seen as priest and altar for the Horned God.

Prey that was brought down would be devoured by all the members of the Wild Hunt.  Ecstatic magick of the Horned God's Rite would taint the blood as well- each drop brings Molech closer to walking in this world.  The Hornes Foundation continues that dark tradition, to a degree.

Notes on The Horned God

To confuse matters further, the Horned God is a varied figure.  He appears throughout a variety of mythologies, not always in the same dark sinister use that Molech adopts it for.  There are multiple entities that use the title, many of them are benign or harmless.  Like a great many things, one bad apple has poisoned the bunch.

"For The Children..."

In the modern era, Molech's Cult has manifested as the Hornes Foundation, a international charity that ties Children and conservation.  Philanthropic wealthy men and women throughout the world raise funds and setup events intended to help organizations that connect children with the outdoors.  Of course, the Wild Hunt still goes on, on private islands and estates throughout the world, isolated from authorities that might interfere.

They find children, the right kind of children.  Those descended from the correct ancient bloodlines.  Those who were born at the right ley lines.

All initiates to the inner cults of the Hornes Foundation engage in the Wild Hunt.  Some hesitate, but the offer of raw power keeps them there.  Its a powerful social network that many CEOs, politicians and a variety of celebrities can't refuse.  The more ambition they have, the harder it is to say no.

Then there is the offer of Power.  Magickal power that only the highest ranked members of the Foundation can call upon.  Such powers like curing certain diseases, transformations or even claims of creating raw fortune only their own members can obtain.

Philosophy and Goals

The central goal of the Hornes Foundation is the revival and return of Molech himself.  They believe only the rule of a being like Molech can save humanity from itself.  They envision Molech as the father of the human race, who cannot help the world in his current state.  They believe Molech can help them to repair the environmental harm of the industrial revolution and technology that has tainted humanity.

For the Hornes Foundation, Molech's past presence on Earth had been an Golden Era.  He'd protected his faithful.  Any perceived harms caused by Molech, a living god to them, are outweighed by the benefits of Molech's divine rule.