Saturday, April 12, 2014

Portland In Black 29: The End Part 2

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"Oh."  Noir glanced down at his coffee.  He felt like having a joint, but part of him didn't know quite what the right etiquette for this conversation should be.  "You weren't the killer then.  Anna had it out for you.  Framing all that to pin it on you, you know."

The Wolf nodded.  "Yeah.  I... she knew me before I understood my current state.  I think she thought she had an advantage over me.  She used it against me in Phoenix."

"How so?"  Noir asked.

"An agent of hers stuck me in a freezer."  The Wolf shrugged.  "Can't blame them.  Effective way to try and contain my abilities."

"So you did the whole lightshow back there then."  Noir shook his head.  "I couldn't see your spells.  Your magick... it was invisible."

The Wolf poured sugar into his coffee.  It dissolved, then the Wolf glanced up, gesturing at the sugar.  "You only see part of the spectrum the All-and-Nothing is.  It is all energy, at all times.  And it never any energy.  And it is all energy that will never will be."

"I don't understand."

The Wolf winked.  "That is the first step to enlightenment, recognizing what one doesn't understand or know.  Your magick and mine are the same, Noir.  Just different specializations.  Think it over.

"Speaking of thinking things over..."

Noir followed the Wolf's gaze.  Noir frowned.  He didn't expect to see her that soon.

"Blackthunder?!"  Noir's voice almost squeaked as he spoke.  "You... Do you know what the hell you put me through?"

Ada Blackthunder paused and blinked at Noir.  Then she stared at the man sitting across the table from him.  "Oh.  Necromancer.  You're still alive then?"

Noir furrowed his brow.  Noir connected the dots in his head.  "Wait a second.  Did you know what they were going to do to me?"

It made sense.  Of course the USMS had used him, helping to push Noir into doing what Black Anna had wanted.  Either they were unwitting pawns too stupid to see it, or they were complicent.  Ada Blackthunder had known what would've happened to him.

"Well, you aren't dead."  Blackthunder crossed her arms over her belly.  "Better than what some people, if you remember."

Noir shook his head.  "I can't- you honestly think you can just write that off?"

The Wolf waved a hand.  "Excuse him.  He's- well, still recovering, Agent Blackthunder."

Blackthunder paused, not recognizing the Wolf.  She squinted her eyes for a moment.  Instead, she shook her head and instead just walked away.