Monday, April 7, 2014

Portland In Black 26

Noir Badarte is a necromancer with a heart of gold- and he finds himself in Portland Oregon, to find a new serial killer called the Wolf- but Portland's own insane undead have plans of their own for him.

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Black Anna shook head.  She giggled, then spat more black ichor on the ground.  It wasn't a spell this time, or at least, Noir couldn't sense a spell from it.

"Cute trick."  Some venom crept into her compliment.

"You know who I am."  The way the man in the wolf mask spoke, it wasn't a question.  He stated it flatly.  "At least I hope you do.  You've been using my name."

"You don't like my little offering to you?"  Black Anna's fangs dripped ichor as she smirked.  "Doesn't the Wolf God like a few dead girls to eat?"

Noir looked at the man in the wolf mask.  He recognized the mask now.  It looked identical to the necklace Jesha had worn.

"He's the one... you were..."  It Noir some effort to finish saying the words. "...trying to get here."

Black Anna shrugged.  "A bit of this, a bit of that.  Really little necromancer, I do intend to keep you."

"Right, that's part of the reason why I'm here."  The wolf interrupted.  "You've been leaving bodies in my name up and down the west coast.  Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas-"

"Your little escape in Phoenix made me more interested in keeping you busy."  Black Anna said.  She sat down on the stage that served as her dais.  Undead crawled a bit out of the shadows.  Glistening fangs bared.  "The Wolf."

"Canis of House Lupis.  I serve the Darkness."  The Wolf looked down at his chest.  A pair of red laser dots were glowing on it.  He kept his hand on the sword's hilt.  "But Wolf works well enough for you and your ilk."

"Keep your blade sheathed, oh mighty Doggy."  Black Anna purred.  She jumped down from the stage.  "You've been gone for too long, Wolf-who-would-be-king.  This is my city.  My City.  My necromancer."

"Your bullets too?"  The Wolf pointed at the dots.  "I'm wearing kevlar, by the way, in case you want to plan it better, they should be pointing at my head."

"Muh."  Black Anna waved a hand.  "Still will hurt you long enough to break your concentration.  Then my people will take that moment to break your hands, your feet, your shins.   Make you hurt."

"Oh."  The Wolf glanced around him.  "Spells do require some thinking don't they?"

Black Anna continued, ignoring him.  "Some of them also have a variety of different drugs on them.  I'll inject you full of a dozen kinds of painkillers and depressants.  Make you unable to think straight."

"Then a bit of magic black blood on your part, and I'm gone."  The Wolf's shoulders slumped.  "You offering an alternative then?"

Black Anna laughed.  An undead chorus of hideous giggles joined her.

"I win, Doggy.  You lose."  She paused, walking up to the Wolf.  Her face only went up to his chest.  The undead monster with the body of a sixteen year old girl still looked confident against this man that towered before her.  "What do you think you can offer me?  I get the Necromancer, I get your dead body and I get the praise of every monster and organization on this planet that wants you dead, doggy.  What's better than that?"

Slighk!  Grk!  Two bodies hit the floor in the darkness.  Guns clattered to the ground.  The red laser dots on the Wolf had disappeared.

"Look."  The wolf said, pointing at his chest.  "Change of plans."

Black Anna backed away slowly from the Wolf.

"This world hasn't needed me or my kind for a long time, Monster."  He began, popping his neck.  "It has done so much to better itself without my interference.  But you overstepped a line.  You dare to think me so stupid to walk into this, your place of power unprepared?

"I am the Wolf.  I come to enforce my First Law.  Suffer No Monster to Live."  The wolf slide the sword out of its scabbard.  "And I name you Monster."