Thursday, April 3, 2014

Portland In Black 24

Noir Badarte is a necromancer with a heart of gold- and he finds himself in Portland Oregon, to find a new serial killer called the Wolf- but Portland's own insane undead have plans of their own for him.

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Lights rattled and rocked as Jesha's massive wolf form barreled into Black Anna's court.    Dust clouded around her as she landed on her feet.  Sunlight broke through the hole in the ceiling.

Black Anna brought him closer to her.  "Oh, look.  A nice doggy.  That's a nice trick.  Is she house broken?"

Jesha took a step closer.  Noir could sense her irritation at Black Anna's comment.

"Bitch!"  Jesha barked, snapping her jaws.  "I said return the Necromancer!  Don't make me rip your damn face off!"

Noir also could see Jesha's limp.  One of her hind limbs shook, its foot in the air.  Undead eyes locked onto it, too.

"Jesha..." Noir felt himself panting.  "Get..."

Before he could manage the words, Black Anna grabbed his face.  The undead girl pressed her lips to his.  Then she turned toward Jesha.

"No, I don't think so."  Black Anna said quietly.

Then the undead surged at Jesha.

Noir cringed.  The party of undead moved more like a swarm of ants.  Jesha took one, then two, then three out with her jaws.  But they poured on more numbers.  Twenty undead barreled onto of her.

Jesha slide onto her back, trying to snap and claw her way toward Noir's position.  She screamed.

Her fur grew dark.  Blood, mud and undead bile covered it.  She hissed, throwing undead across the room.  They ripped and tore at her, tearing out chunks of flesh.  Chunks of her dreadlocks.  Chunks of fun.

"Moron."  Black Anna whispered in his ear.  "Cheap trick, turning into something you aren't.  Watch her die, Necromancer.  Watch your last hope die."


"Watch..."  Black Anna threw black ichor onto the ground.  It slid and wormed toward Jesha's writing, struggling fight.  The spell struck at Jesha's body.

Noir shuddered.  He could sense the spell attack Jesha's form.  It devoured it, breaking apart each component of the spell that held Jesha's body in giant wolf form.  The extra matter she'd created dissipated, negated as the spell fell apart.

Jesha shrank back down into a smaller form.  The undead converged around her.  Noir saw her naked body, bloody and torn.  She screamed as undead ripped into her.  It wasn't a scream of surrender, it sounded to Noir like a challenge.

Noir cringed as the undead started slaying the Jesha.  He knew they'd be slow.  They'd be cruel.  Mad.

"Anna please... Don't kill her."  Noir pleaded.

Black Anna tilted her head.  She looked curious.  But before she could answer, the sunlight being cast through the ceiling dimmed.  It looked like a cloud had passed overhead.  The sunlight kept growing darker and darker.

Then shadows grew from the ceiling.  Day shifted into night.  Lights winked out.  Jesha faded out of view.  Shadows covered the undead around her.  The undead paused, unsure of what to make of the darkness growing around them.

"Night?"  Noir heard the undead mutter to one another.  "Why can't we see?"

Black Anna let Noir go, letting him tumble onto the ground.  She glared at the shadows approaching her.  She hissed.  Her undead followed suit, crawling to be closer to her.  "Night with no light at all."

"Darkness?"  Noir tried to look into the darkness, but even his magical senses couldn't see any spell within that darkness.  Even his senses seemed to be drained by it.  Something or someone had changed things.  Noir could only think of magick being the cause.  But whatever it was, he couldn't sense it.

That was when the darkness fell over all of them.  Noir watched the shadows wrap around Black Anna, taking her out of his view.  He could still hear the old woman in her cage, crying.

But then a howl drowned out all other sounds.