Thursday, April 3, 2014

Portland In Black 23

Noir Badarte is a necromancer with a heart of gold- and he finds himself in Portland Oregon, to find a new serial killer called the Wolf- but Portland's own insane undead have plans of their own for him.

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"Kill..."  Noir shook his head.  "I don't... understand..."

"Of course you don't."  Black Anna sighed.  "You have so much potential but seem to know so little about the magick you take a name for.  Necromancer, you nothing about necromancy, just the part involving bodies I think.  Oh well.  Let's dance!"

Drums and guitars came to life.  Music filled the air.  Black Anna's undead prom moved vigorous to the fast jazz beat of the music.

Pairs of undead hands opened the cage.  Noir felt rotten fingers grab and pull him out.  Noir felt Black Anna's chains around him, making his body try to obey.  Of course, his body was too tired and damaged to obey.  Naked, undead held him aloft.

"Argh."  Noir felt pain rush up and down his arm.  The purple mass that had replaced his thumb throbbed, burning hot at the grasp of all the undead men and women forcing him to stand.

Black Anna grabbed him.  She forced one of his hands onto her shoulder.  "C'mon.  Show a girl a good time."

Noir gritted his teeth.  Her hands felt like vises, they were gripping him so tightly.  "Urgh."

Black Anna licked Noir's cheek, leaving black ichor in her wake.  Noir felt magick burrow through his skin.  "Hmm."

Noir looked around.  He could see the dark chains of the spells gathering around him now.  More and more of the chain links grew around him.  Invisible to the naked eye, Noir's magical senses could feel and see them.

"You've turned my spell... argh... that hurts..."

Black Anna smiled.  "You are getting it, aren't you?  Don't you just want to... let go?"

Noir closed his eyes, trying to concentrate.  A inner part of him wanted to do as she said.  Give up.  To let the spells he felt crawling over him take the last step.  He could cast one last spell, he knew, necromancy that could drive out the last vestiges of life in his body and end it all.

It would be easy.  The pain would end too.  It'd be over.

"I..."  Noir's head was swimming.  "Ending the pain..."

Black Anna nodded.  "All the pain would go away.  You have to do it yourself, Noir.  Just let the last bit die.  The rest of you has already agreed."

Noir paused.

"I..."  Noir gave in.  Anything to end this.  "I... will... let me try to cast it..."

Black Anna giggled.  She kissed him.  "Ohohoh!"

Then the ceiling above them exploded.  Howls and teeth smashed their way through.  A canine snout broke through, then a wolf the size of a SUV hit the ground.  Red, blue and black dreadlocks hung from behind her ears.

Jesha.  Her huge wolf form snarled at Black Anna.  Words growled out, loud enough to make the floor tremble a bit at her rage.

"Dead bitch!  I'm here for the Necromancer!"

Noir felt relief wash over him.  Then he saw Black Anna smile.  She petted his head, unconcerned.  Noir's heart sank.  Black Anna had been expecting this too.