Thursday, April 10, 2014

Flash Fiction: Verdant Maws

Plants wrapped themselves tight around his wrists and ankles.  Something gagged him.

The woman stood over him.  Her eyes narrowed as the plants drug him deeper down.  "This is the price you pay."

He struggled, trying to escape.  He didn't deserve this.  Why?  Why was she killing him?

Her eyes glowed with a verdant light.  "I'm not killing you.  These are plants you would let suffer for your greed.  Your service to Mammon blinded you to their plight.  You made them into monsters."

His mind reeled, thinking about all the chemicals he'd dumped in this part of the jungle over the years.  Something started to burn his legs.

"They are hungry.  All I did was help them.  Perhaps you'll be better as mulch..."