Saturday, March 8, 2014

USMS Log Entry: Daniels.11011999.ND.YELLOW "Öndurdís"

USMS External Threat Profile: "Öndurdís"
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The first rift to the "Jotunheim" dimension discovered on the North American continent.  Agent Katherine Daniels encountered it while investigating a unrelated incident in eastern half of North Dakota.  She became trapped in the dimension's other side for three days, until Daniels was forced to make violent contact with natives.

The rift itself connects into the City of Öndurdís.  Populated by Giants (a variety referred to as Frost Giants, but the Log has very little more to add on that), the City had a tech level analogous to medieval Europe.  See below for a transcript of Daniel's debriefing. The rift opens at different times throughout the year.  It remains open for days on end.

The Jotunheim end of this Rift remains open for only one hour each day.  Daniels learned this after falling into the rift, which seems connected to a set of stables in Öndurdís.  After it closed, she spent the next Month (local time) trapped.  Natives ignored her, most being Giants.  Humans are not foreign species to the realm, as Daniels reported seeing a large variety of native humans in the City.


Native to the City are two intelligent species: Giants and local Humans.  Giants in Öndurdís match other reports of them in prior incidents with them.  Twenty feet tall, each Giant has strength and power on par with a elephant, but also with the same weaknesses as all large mammalia or related creatures.  Öndurdís seems to have lighter gravity, giving native Giants a better ability to resist tactics that work in Earth Gravity.

Giants in Öndurdís also seem to be of a lower tech level than us.  Firearms, modern alloys and scientific methodology haven't been seen in any interactions with them.

Culturally, Giants differ from Humans in that it seems Matriarchal- women dominate their hierarchy.  Males seem to have to follow specific rules within Öndurdís itself.  Parallels to Elephants in this was noted by Daniels in her report.  Giants seem to have a monarchy of sorts, and the main religion doctrine Daniels learned of was centered around the Worship of Skadi, a frost giant figure that Norse mythology has referred to as well.  If any rifts connect to Scandinavia, the USMS has very little evidence one way or another.

Native humans in Öndurdís seem to be a slave caste.  Daniels noted a variety of purposes native humans were used for.  The main usage almost ended in her own death.


Öndurdís itself seems to be content to not keep contact with our side of the rift, for the time being.  The City does not acknowledge the Rift, preferring to keep their side sealed for the time being.  The rift itself remains open, however.

Daniels believes that the current Queen of Öndurdís fears our side of the Rift.  References to some sort of native monster on our world seems to have frightened the Queen and other powers in Jotunheim to leave Earth be.  For the moment.

Worrying is the Giants' heavy use of Human slaves and chattel.  The seem to not consider humans of any sort to be sentient, more on par with domesticated livestock than anything else.  Despite any active threats, the USMS keeps the Öndurdís rift at condition Yellow.  It is advised to avoid further contact and find ways to gather further intelligence.  Despite the current avoidance of the natives, it seems they might attempt a incursion if convinced of the absence of the Monster they perceive exists on our side of the Rift, something they just call The Wolf.


SUPERVISING AGENT: I'm sorry, we know how hard the past few days have been-

DANIELS: That's fine.  I know the routine.  You have to be certain I know what I saw.

SUPERVISING AGENT: More or less.  We still want some more information on the humans native to this dimension.  Can you go over that again?

DANIELS: Its... Well.

SUPERVISING AGENT: Take your time, Katherine.

DANIELS: Right.  They've been bred as slaves for awhile I think.  They are like us, but I think there is some selective breeding the Giants force on them.  They seem dumber, more willing slaves.  More like domesticated animals.

SUPERVISING AGENT:  Willing?  Are you sure of that?

DANIELS:  I know, it sounds... kind of biased of me.  But I'm certain they think more like that.  The ones I interacted with seemed... damaged somehow.  Immature at least with their emotions and self control.  But... despite even that, I couldn't get over... ugh...

SUPERVISING AGENT:  You never said how many you had to see at the slaughterhouse.

DANIELS: I... It was a whole herd.  Single hammer blows to the head.  Then they started... filleting.   I... (sobbing) Can we stop?  I can't... the blood...

SUPERVISING AGENT: I... think we have enough, yeah.  Thank you.

DANIELS: (still crying) Yes sir.  They... eat them.  So many of them.  They are... (inaudible)

[transcript ends]