Saturday, March 1, 2014

Portland In Black 9

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Her companion charged another cop.  The cop fired at him, but Tuxedo just took the bullets and kept charging.  He ripped into the cop, who screamed as Tuxedo ripped out a arm and threw it in Noir's direction.

Prom Dress got closer to Noir.  She smiled at him, her voice turning a bit more mocking.  "Poor little ghostwhisperer.  She tell you all you need to know yet?"

Noir didn't reply.  Instead, he tried to focus on his own defenses.  The names of poltergeists and ghosts that owed him favors surfaced in his thoughts.  He picked one, forming a spell to summon it.

"Step back or I'll rip your fucking bitch face off."  Jesha informed Prom Dress.

Prom Dress ignored her, instead picking up Ellie's corpse.  Noir frowned at this, losing control over the spell in his mind.  He instead watched, trying to understand what Prom Dress was trying to do.

"What are you-"  He started to ask, then he regretted losing focus on the geist summoning spell in his mind.  Prom Dress ripped off Ellie's head.

She took it into her hands, dropping her rotten corpse dog in the process.  Moving the dead head's mouth over and shut, Prom Dress used it like a macabre puppet.

"Oh noes!"  Prom Dress had her puppet give a mock scream.  "The undead are here!  What are we going to do?!  Blood everywhere!"

Tuxedo laughed.  He slapped his knee as he drug the cop he'd been beating on toward Prom Dress.  "Yeah.  Whatcha goin' to do?"

Prom Dress pointed a finger at Noir.  "Ok.  You get to come with us, Ghostwhisperer man.  You're our new pet."

Tuxedo pointed at Jesha.  "She's a nice plus though.  You get it now?"

Noir closed his eyes, reformed the spell he'd tried to focus on before, and flung it at Tuxedo.  "No, I don't like your company very much."

Noir opened his eyes.  He watched as the geist he summoned tried to rip into Tuxedo.

Tuxedo rolled his eyes.  He took out a handful of something from inside his jacket and threw it at the geist.  The summon geist hit salt in midair and evaporated away.

Noir frowned.  "Oh shit."

Tuxedo smirked.  "Not what you expected eh?"

"Screw it."  Noir said, throwing a punch at Tuxedo's face.  His thumb cracked as his punch struck Tuxedo.  Pain throbbed up his thumb, into Noir's arm.  "Fuck me, my hand!"

"Don't know how to throw a punch eh?"  Tuxedo asked.  "Lesson one, ghost talker:  Keep your thumb on the outside, dipshit."

A bony fist socked Noir in the gut.  Noir felt the ground hurtle up to him.  Tuxedo stood over him, smirking.  Prom Dress giggled, reaching for his prone legs.

Then Noir heard clothes rip.  A growl.

A pair of huge canine teeth snapped closed over Tuxedo's chest.  A huge wolf, with blue, red and black dye in her fur, ripped the insane undead into shreds as she shook him in her jaws.  Jesha, in her wolf form, was as big as SUV.  Her back dug into the ceiling tiles of the restaurant, making a cloud of dust and electric sparks flew where she had shapeshifted.

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