Friday, March 28, 2014

Portland In Black 21

Noir Badarte is a necromancer with a heart of gold- and he finds himself in Portland Oregon, to find a new serial killer called the Wolf- but Portland's own insane undead have plans of their own for him. 

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Breaks hissed.  A blue sedan pulled up, its lights illuminating the tangle of limbs and clothes between Noir's teenage dream self and Black Anna.  A door slammed closed.  A tall bespeckled figure emerged from the sedan.

The memory-dream crested, hitting its crescendo.  It was also the main reason Noir considered it to be a bad memory.

Dream-Noir's eyes went wide.  Noir felt himself wanting to sigh; because he knew it was too late.  Now things were going to fall apart.

Noir remembered this moment as it was supposed to happen.  He and Elle were tangled in each other's bodies, enjoying the warm may evening.  Enjoying each others' bodies, clumsily trying things out.  Experimenting.  Letting passion and hormones guide them.  But then things went sideways.

"Boy.  What the fuck do you think you are doing?"  Doctor Badarte growled at his son, his bald head shining in the sedan's head lights.

"I-er-"  Noir's teenaged dream self sounded frightened despite his talk earlier to Anna.  He got up, naked and sweating.  "Padre-"

Dr. Badarte stood a head shorter than his son.  He wore thick-rimmed glasses, his head bald except for patches of ashen hair.  He had a short, well-trimmed goatee.  Noir's Father preferred to wear various kinds of western, button up shirts.  His khakis were ink-stained.  In Noir's dream, he looked more like a cross between of a linebacker and a troll.  A light seemed to illuminate from him, pulsing to the beat of his heart.  

"You leave without doing any of the shit you are supposed to do, boy."  His father spat on the ground.  "I come home, nothing is done.  You've had what, five hours to dick around?"

Thirteen year old Noir shuddered.

"Well, can you explain why?"  Dr. Badarte continued.  "Or are you just going to stand there?"

Then Noir felt the moment come.  His thirteen year old body convulsed, twisting with rage.  "Fuck you!  You don't GET TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO!"

"Really?"  Dr. Badarte balled up a fist.  "You dumb boy, you don't understand a thing, do you?"

"Ever since Madre had gone... you just poison everything.  You work all day and I'm just some fucking free worker to you.  You don't get me!  You just won't let me be!  Fuck you!  Fuck this damn place and... and... and... screw you.  You have no idea what I see or what things bug me.  You don't want to listen to me.  Things are bad for me and you just ignore it-"

"Oh precious little boy."  His father sneered.  "My work puts food on your table.  I keep the lights going on.  You can't even pretend to respect that?  Can you even hear what you are saying?"

Dr. Badarte shook his hands.  His face reddened, turning at his son.  Noir's eyes widened, waiting for things to boil over.  For things to turn.

"You hear that?"  Black Anna interjected, her lips whispering into his dream self's ear.  "Don't you wish he'd just die already?"

Noir wanted to scream at her.  No, he thought, don't... don't repeat... please be different-

"Don't put words in my mouth."  Dream-Noir crossed his arms.  "Damn it, can't you just go and die already!?"

Dr. Badarte gritted his teeth.  Veins in his head pulsed.  His teeth grinded.

The he fell down to his knees.  Dr. Badarte gripped his chest in pain, falling flat.  He writhed in pain.  He then grunted.

Dream-Noir's eyes widened.  "Padre?  Are you-"

Black Anna interrupted him, picking up his father's unconscious body.  She lifted him up like he was lighter than a feather.  "So.. fragile.  So weak.  Yet this moment scared you so much?"

Black Anna laughed.

"So much more for us to explore isn't there Noir?"  She mocked.  "Or do you want to relive more of this?"

Black Anna tossed Dr. Badarte away, like he was nothing more than a prop.

Noir searched his thoughts, then stumbled over a flicker of a notion.  He shouldn't try it, not here.  But he could feel it pry free from Black Anna's control over his thoughts.

"N-no."  Noir said.  His dream-body changed, changing back into Noir's adult body.  He stood over Black Anna, panting.

"Oh really?"  Black Anna tilted her head.  "You want to play then?"

Noir popped his neck.  He could sense them.  The spells in his mind, all of them.  The ones that called forth geists and ghosts from across the United States.  "I'm not your toy, Anna."

Noir lifted a hand, taking control of the dreamscape away from her.  She smirked and lifted her hands in a gesture of peace.  Confused, he changed the dream to a more recent scene.  A body lay on the floor.

Black Anna's body, blood pouring from her corpse.  Black Anna looked it over.  Then her eyes locked onto it, something coming over her.

"You died without peace."  Noir said.  "Please, consider this a counter offer.  You aren't a monster, Anna.  Let me free you.  I can see your spirit under all those chains you've placed.  There is still a spark of decency there-"

Black Anna laughed.  "Oh, the places we will go, death caller!"

"What?"  Noir felt his knees wobble.  He gritted his dream teeth, bringing forth the summoning spells.  He tried to think of something or some entity that would help him.

"Oh please."  Black Anna shook her head.  She grew, changing the dreamscape around her.  Noir felt himself grow smaller as Anna changed into a towering dark goddess, spirits encircling her with howls.

Then Noir's eyes opened, covered in sweat.  Black Anna stood over him, her mouth overflowing with black ichor, dribbling onto him.  She smiled.

"Oh the places we'll go!"  Black Anna cackled.